The Mt Shasta Summer Conference in August, 2020 was a huge success and a wonderful event! If you were unable to attend live, you can access much of the event now in your own home with this streaming video series.

Over 21 hours of streaming video.

Here are the presentations included:

Opening Ceremony

Ascending Into Love and Peace Consciousness ~ Scott Werner, MD

Benefits of Qi Gong ~ Gavin Hukassian

Activating Oneness In Our Multi-Dimensional Bodies ~ Jamie Lu

Remembering The Future ~ Brooks Agnew

Mysteries of Antarctica ~ Brad Olsen

The Conscious Journey Shared By All Beings ~ Kasey Wallis/Julius

Bringing Forth The Venusian Energy In The Ascension Process ~ Shari Lynn

Ancient Mysteries Panel ~ Brad Olsen, Gavin Hukassian, Brooks Agnew and Kasey Wallis

God Heals Through Us, Group Healing ~ Dennis Adams

Meet The Venusians ~ Rob Potter

Aligning With The Cosmos ~ Gloria Lee channeled by Jenessee Roy

The Vast Venus Conspiracy ~ Raymond Keller

The Crystal Skull ~ Bill Hollmann

Laura Eisenhower

Luis Fernando Mostajo

Juan Rochin

The videos are available until December 31, 2021 midnight Mountain Time, Denver, USA

Digital products are non-refundable as stated in our terms and conditions.