This is a most profound teaching that will take you to the heights of freedom and consciousness.

Much has been written and spoken about the power of forgiveness. While forgiveness is certainly beneficial, it is not the ultimate destination.

Feel the expansive difference between ‘I forgive you’ and ‘There is nothing to forgive’. It is the difference between forgiveness and non-judgment.

Very often, acts that call for forgiveness are not acknowledged or tucked away because they are too painful, shameful, embarrassing or we want to move past and get on with life. However, until and unless this wound of betrayal, pain and hurt is addressed, it remains as a toxic issue within us.

This class is for more advanced students of Julius, who are actively working to master the aspects of Bridge Consciousness, the 4th seal of consciousness. Understanding and mastering this aspect is taking a quantum leap in consciousness – leading you to joy, peace and fulfillment.

Moving beyond forgiveness is a state of high consciousness and it is attainable because that is who and what we really are at the core of our being.

Julius leads you to greater expansion:

  • Who to forgive first.
  • At first there is punishment.
  • About the existence of grudges.
  • How to know that you have really forgiven another.
  • The most interesting role of judgment in forgiveness.
  • About the act of betrayal.
  • Is forgiveness a really high consciousness state?
  • An exercise to clarify issues of forgiveness.
  • About forgiveness and being set free.
  • The difference between allowing and abuse.
  • The most binding factor on this physical plane.
  • A moving and loving meditation for non-judgment.

Get to know more about:

  • Judgment and fact.
  • How to know you have moved beyond an act of betrayal.
  • Tackling the intense emotions of betrayal.
  • Letting go of subconscious judgment of self.
  • Conveying forgiveness.
  • Can you lie out of love?
  • Why does emotional hurt take time to dissolve?

One of the most complex energy aspects and in-depth understanding is the subject of forgiveness.” ~ Julius

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Foundation Courses:

These courses sit at the foundation of most of all the Julius teachings and also the human experience of life.