This course has one lecture and one discussion.

Move Out Of Your Box

This teaching is of great importance to anyone who wants to move forward on their conscious journey, access the spirit of adventure and recapture the zest for life. The comfort zone is not a place of great happiness, yet many of us cling to it because we fear the unknown or it’s all too much effort. When we realise that this non-movement is actually stultifying our spirit and all that we are, we decide to move. This is where this teaching provides great support as Julius guides us on the best way forward without getting overwhelmed.

This course is about getting new things into our lives and feeding our soul. It is about accessing the rich rewards of the new and different and it is about our empowerment. Let Julius help you move beyond your current state and parameters. This course will definitely help you get into the flow of your creativity.

In the lecture, Julius gave valuable guidance on this most important topic:

  • The test of continual expansiveness.
  • The insatiable appetite of the soul.
  • Insight into young and old souls.
  • The needs of the humanoid suit.
  • How to honor your soul.
  • What happens when you stay in your box.
  • Various ways to get out of your comfort zone.
  • How to differentiate between the ego and the altered ego.
  • What the ego was created for.
  • How to get started every day.
  • Where do you get your most expansion?
  • How much, how far, to what degree do we move out of the box.
  • What human beings check on when they are about to leave a lifetime.
  • Why you sometimes get the feeling that you’re supposed to do something in this life.
  • What brings fulfillment in life.

Julius takes this topic further with detailed guidance :

  • When moving out of your box may be counterproductive.
  • Julius’ definition and description of meditation.
  • Differentiating between excuses and being authentic.
  • What do you do when you are empathic?
  • How far does one move out of the box if they are looking for progression?
  • What is important for dolphins.
  • What happens energetically when you go in for cosmetic surgery.
  • The example of Michael Jackson.
  • How to tackle the discomfort of the altered ego.
  • The inner work that is uncomfortable.
  • How to reel in the altered ego.
  • How many emotions can we experience in a single moment?
  • A wonderful practice to centre you into the moment of now.