2-Part Course with one lecture and one discussion.

The power of knowing is what creates our reality. The powerful force of that emotion is what initiates that experience. How did we become disconnected from the way knowing feels and in turn traverse mostly in doubt? Why is empowerment so hard to feel & remember?

A very powerful, highly uplifting and most inspirational teaching for life that moves us out of the quagmire of doubt into knowing, the most powerful component for all that we wish to create and be. This is a fundamental teaching on the journey towards self-empowerment and the raising of consciousness. Without knowing, all momentum is lost and fear rules the day.

Julius helps bring back vital remembrance of what was once a natural state of our awesome being and helps us learn how to re-initiate our knowing.

In the highly stimulating and emotion-evoking lecture, Julius takes all into their knowing:

  • How we got disconnected from our knowing.
  • A huge insight into what fear is for us.
  • Another mind-blowing insight into why we don’t seek the next level of being.
  • The first step to getting back our knowing.
  • A spine-tingling explanation of what we were like when we first came to earth.
  • What led and still leads to mundaneness.
  • The main reason why some people are closer to their knowing and others are not.
  • The role religions play in this context.
  • What gets us fired up and being in the state of knowing.
  • A daily practice for the creation of high frequency in our life.
  • Detailed guidance on how to practice our knowing.
  • Another simple, effective practice to help with knowing.
  • Beautiful, forgotten practices that are highly rewarding.
  • The massive contributing factors to our unknowing.
  • Why people have a difficult time making decisions.
  • An exercise with layers to enhance knowing.

Julius goes into some amazing aspects of this topic:

  • What we created when we first came to the earth plane in a physical body.
  • Why the rose got its thorns.
  • Is there a difference between pre-recognition and knowing?
  • How to manifest anything that involves others.
  • The perfect example to illustrate the point above.
  • Does your knowing contribute to others’ actions?
  • Some causes of being heavyset.
  • What to do when there is no clear knowing.
  • What the sexual act is on a spiritual journey.
  • On celibacy as a spiritual discipline.
  • How to regain your enthusiasm for an idea that is still sound.

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