This is a 3 part workshop with two teachings and one discussion.
Contemplation is the vital key in manifestation.
Are you aware of how to contemplate a thought?
What is the difference between contemplation and  compulsive, obsessive thoughts?
Learning theses secrets could be the key to unlocking your highest and fastest manifestations.
Julius will provide deep understandings of energies and perceptions. Join us for this master class designed to help you create the life you have always desired.
Revealing the intricacies of the crucial art of contemplation:
  • Understanding the vibration of manifestation
  • What contemplation is
  • What helps to prevent repeated experiences
  • Insights into the deeper aspects of contemplation
  • All that stands in the way of contemplation
  • The importance of contemplation in manifestation
  • A game to play to practice contemplation
  • One of the reasons we choose to have a physical body
  • A fascinating ability of a sixth level of consciousness being
  • The actual process of contemplation in the body
  • The truth about truth explained
  • The amazing benefits of contemplation
  • The two major uses of contemplation
  • Julius outlines practices of contemplation in detail

The Q&A goes into various different directions:

  • Being in the sixth level of consciousness explained
  • Insights into the soul exiting the body
  • Fabulous high perspective about twin flames, ascended masters
  • Ideal times for contemplation
  • Going deeper into visualizations and manifestation
  • Exploration of various spaces through contemplation
  • Do we contemplate low-frequency emotions and thoughts?
  • Which comes first: a thought or an emotion?
  • Conscious awareness and unconscious awareness
  • What comes after contemplation
Foundation Workshops: