Mastering Conscious Awareness



This course originally sold for $89. It has been reduced to $39.

This teaching goes into greater depth about the 3rd seal of consciousness. Often, people seeking to raise their consciousness falter, or reach a plateau, or fall short in their practice of raising their consciousness.

This could be due to the fact that they have not clearly understood where they are in their phase of consciousness.

You actually start moving faster in raising your consciousness when you know exactly where you are.

This is considered by some to be a tough love course but it is delivered with deep love and compassion by Julius. There is the real understanding of the pressures, challenges and the weight of guilt, fear, loneliness etc. that are experienced in this seal.

This teaching is a promise for higher consciousness, having this information will allow you to move more freely into expansion instead of being preoccupied with what you may be doing wrong or right. It is a clear guiding light.

On the road to mastery, you learn:

  • More fully about social consciousness.
  • How we have accepted the limited truth about ourselves.
  • The chokehold of others, and how to release it.
  • The most binding emotion of this seal, and how, from which, to raise your consciousness.
  • The infallible inner compass that guides you when you become aware of it.
  • Valuable guidance on parenting.
  • The challenges of this seal and guidance to traverse through them.
  • A most helpful clearing application for this seal.

More helpful guidance:

  • A letter of encouragement from a student.
  • The collaboration between souls to help each other expand.
  • About the frequency of electronic devices and their messages.
  • Is meditation necessary?
  • 2 different out-of-body experiences.
  • An interesting insight into societies, and the origin of concept of evil.
  • Human intelligence and higher consciousness.
  • The energy force of your soul.
  • What you really are, and what you have.
  • Explanation of spirit, soul and body.

Foundation Courses:

These courses sit at the foundation of most of all the Julius teachings and also the human experience of life.