You have the paints, you have the paintbrushes and the easel but what if the canvas for painting your desired manifestation is missing? This 2-part course brings to you an incredible teaching on the canvas, the truly crucial foundation on which you can use all the modalities of manifestation which you have learnt.

Not only that, this beautiful teaching tackles  a basic but highly prevalent problem that most people face at some time in their lives – when the modalities they have learnt stop working. You learn the highly relevant factors that ensure continuously successful manifestation. You are now set to become the master creator!

Julius paints the canvas into being for you:

  • The 3 imperative things most human beings want to manifest.
  • What beings in higher states of consciousness want to manifest on the physical plane.
  • Do you need to sacrifice what you want in life to reach higher consciousness?
  • The ultimate paradox of manifestation.
  • Are you the cat with short legs? Truly amazing analogy.
  • Why instructions on how to manifest do not work.
  • How to move past instructions to finding the teachings – a crucial element.
  • How greed develops.
  • The ultimate reminder to you that you are Source.
  • The first important step for powerful manifestation.
  • The emergency brake in manifestation and how to release it.
  • The most important missing component in successful manifestation.
  • How to get out of lack in your life.
  • A detailed description of the basic intricate workings for manifestation.
  • How Tesla understood what he did.
  • The way God expands itself through all souls.
  • The most amazing reason for why we became human.
  • A wonderful comparison of breathing and manifestation.
  • One truth that changes everything for us.
  • A further step in moving past lack.
  • A Native American way to solve the bottleneck.
  • A way to get a tangible grip on your altered ego state.
  • 2 powerful practices to create energy shifts in your life.
  • A beautiful way to ignite your light being nature when in doubt and fear.

Julius gives us more fascinating insights and guidance:

  •  Further understanding of what goes into creating the canvas of manifestation.
  • The one vital thing that no one talks about in manifestation.
  • Why humans have the greatest fear of how powerful they are.
  • The roles of the altered ego and soul in acceptance of thought.
  • How to step out of fear when you can’t pay your bill tomorrow (as an example).
  • The many ways to raise your vibration.
  • What results from an argument versus a conversation.
  • Existences slower than the first and second dimensions.
  • The life of the first seal and dimension beings and how inspiration comes to them.
  • Does the altered ego play a role in higher states of consciousness?
  • How fearful human beings in low seals consciousness acquire great wealth.
  • How to fathom the seal of consciousness of practitioners.

Foundation Workshops:

These courses sit at the foundation of most of all the Julius teachings and also the human experience of life.

Supporting Workshops:

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