For its sheer magic and staggering importance, the practice and perspective of living in the Now is almost unequaled. It is the component that helps one move past the deeply embedded judgment of self into forgiveness of self.

In other teachings, Julius often refers to this practice as the quickest way to move from fear, subconscious patterns and blocks, limiting and binding imprints from the past to an expansive space of love and all possibility. It is the powerful propellant in the manifesting process.

As one of the main building blocks of conscious living, it is what helps you master the human experience. It is like coming home.

Many have heard about the practice of Living in the Now in their journey through consciousness. For them, this 2-part course gives unique insights that are the trademark of all Julius’ teachings, which help invigorate and deepen the practice. For those who are new to the concept, this teaching provides rare clarity and inspiration.

As Julius tell us, living in the Now is not something new to us, it is the way we were before we lost our knowing. Therefore, the practice of it is more of a remembrance than a learning. It is realigning ourselves back to the perspective of our soul and thus realigning ourselves with joy and fulfillment.

Julius leads you into the moment of Now:

  • The ‘Now factor’ and the  ‘I Am factor’.
  • The effect of previous thought.
  • Deeper insights into judgment.
  • How this practice moves you from thinking ‘impossible’ to ‘possible’.
  • About the energies of allowance, demand and requirement.
  • How to manifest from the Now process.
  • The chokehold factor in manifestation, and how to overcome it.

Other gems in this teaching:

  • The origin of the analogy of the grains of sand.
  • The beautiful and evocative analogy of a flower – where does truth lie?
  • What does it mean to be a light being?
  • About the energies of belief and knowing, and how they impact the manifestation process.
  • Intriguing information about Einstein and Tesla.
  • The difference between intelligence and genius.
  • About effects in the brain when you live in the Now.
  • Julius explains the healing of the brain through an uplifting analogy of the bruise in an apple.
  • About chance and occurrence, using the analogy of the falling off a ladder.
  • What facilitates balance in life?
  • The new generation of children.

Living in the Now is where age-reversal takes place, renewal takes place, healing takes place, manifestation of the highest forms of love live and it is what you are, masters. It is where Source is in your life. It is where your soul resides.” ~ Julius

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