This class originally sold for $119.  It has been lowered to $79.

Julius likens the soul to a nuclear power plant within your physical body and if you do not honor the momentum it seeks, it starts to work against your physical body. When you do not relate to everything that is going on around you, you block this energy force within you.

Learn how to deal with the resistances in your life, how to break through and allow the energy of the soul to come forth.

Most importantly, this crucial teaching is a practical guide that shows you the simple, easy way to move through the seals of consciousness and raise your consciousness from moment to moment as you go about your busy, daily life.

It will give you applications and simple tasks to expand you through consciousness. So many of us don’t know how to raise our consciousness and maintain an ordinary lifestyle at the same time.

What if you could be doing both effectively each moment of each day? Mastering this realm and journey can be made so simple and enjoyable!

Julius shows you how:

  • What is the unstoppable urge of the soul?
  • How to honor the massive energy of your soul.
  • How we can kill the energy of something, even a chocolate addiction.
  • The connection between discounts and the feeling of less than.
  • How to apply the open-minded technique in your daily, busy life.
  • The absolute importance of relating to people and things in your life.
  • Amazing ways to relate to others.
  • What is the quintessential action of compassion?
  • Various innovative ways to relate to the same thing.
  • The two reasons for an argument.
  • Fascinating information about how we morph according to people around us.
  • One of the most beneficial practices of self-awareness.
  • Detailed practices and techniques to exponentially expand your self-growth.
  • The odd one out in a family.
  • Definition of a runner.
  • Characteristics and behavior from the soul being and the altered ego.
  • The absolutely amazing truth about imaginative thought.

With even greater depth on:

  • Morphing from one type of person to another.
  • Why do we find ourselves in the altered ego?
  • Exercises to increase focus and concentration.
  • Accessing the extraordinary energy of the moon.
  • The reason why many parents have control issues.
  • How to choose higher frequency thoughts.
  • Tough love in parenting.
  • A great technique to know yourself better.
  • Other open-minded beings on this realm.



There are other courses that go deeper into specific topics and can support this course. The other courses are not essential and can be purchased before or after experiencing this course.

Supporting Courses:

Foundation Courses:

These courses sit at the foundation of most of all the Julius teachings and also the human experience of life.