This teaching has amazing, hidden depths because it deals with an integral aspect of our life on earth – that of performance. Though this key aspect of ourselves is barely acknowledged or even recognized, it is usually highly detrimental in its effect on us in every moment of our lives.

WHO ARE YOU BEING? Most humans spend their whole life trying to know themselves. They do this through many avenues. They put on their human costumes and PERFORM on stage. The stage of life, that is, and through that performance somehow they try to connect with their SOULS.

Is your SOUL in your human PERFORMANCE? That is the question we will address.

Is your performance helping you to know yourself or hurting your process? Is it leading you further into unhappiness and depression?

When are you in life-enhancing, never-ending creative performance? How do you move from the highly prevalent, harmful type of performance to the authentic one that promises so much in terms of happiness and fulfillment?

This incredible course offers deep, deep insights into your being and gives invaluable guidance on how to align with your authenticity and the knowing that you are Source.

Julius gives amazing clarity on this very significant aspect of being:

  • The impact of the state of hurriedness when young.
  • The effects of competitiveness at the soul level.
  • Absolutely inspiring information on how we created this physical realm.
  • The enormous difference between performance and true expression.
  • Why all human beings perform.
  • The detrimental, heavy price of the more common type of performance.
  • The two different types of performance.
  • The true nature of competition.
  • The suggestion of a beneficial educational system by Julius.
  • The cause of depression.
  • When performance becomes a wonderful, valuable tool for you.
  • Why some celebrities go on a downward spiral.
  • An important insight into what starts happening when a child is very young.
  • A clear definition of soul and spirit.

More insights and practical guidance of incalculable value:

  • A beautiful explanation by Julius about what we are doing on earth.
  • Is everything predestined?
  • The step-by-step way to move away from detrimental performances.
  • The inspiring story of Brad.
  • How to help children make fulfilling choices of livelihood.
  • How to move from fear to love.
  • Healing your past need for false performances.
  • Inner house cleaning and its huge benefits.
  • An important ‘What if’ question that eliminates all your fears.
  • How you manifest your dreams despite the naysayers.
  • How to break unconscious habits.
  • The path of living your authentic self.




These courses sit at the foundation of most of all the Julius teachings and also the human experience of life.

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