This is a 2 part class with one lecture and one discussion.

Have you become content with where you’re at and who you are on your journey?…Have you begun to accept all that you are?
There are reasons you began your Conscious journey.  Have your forgotten those; have you become content?   Stagnant water draws flies….
Look around you and perhaps reconsider what a conscious journey is.
Take a good look at your life and see if there are any areas that could be expanded upon.
This course addresses further options as to what a Conscious journey is and what it can become…
Julius gives an in-depth understanding of this major limitation:
  • Understanding the journey of the soul
  • The human elements on the conscious journey
  • What constitutes a comfort zone
  • What the altered ego and the soul are comfortable with
  • Insights into practitioners, judgment and the soul’s perspective
  • A real-life example
  • The real truth about mistakes and lessons to be learnt
  • How to know if your comfort zone is limiting you
  • Comfort zones in marriages and relationships

Invaluable guidance and insights in the Q&A:

  • Learning new skills without fear
  • Dealing with different energy frequency in a partnership
  • How to handle new experiences
  • Valuable guidance for major decisions in your life
  • How to know when you are off balance in your energy frequency
  • Insights into repetitive experiences, in relationships too
  • Discerning between empathic experience and intuition
  • The key characteristic of bridge consciousness
  • How to ensure a fulfilling outcome to major decisions
  • What it is like when the soul is in the driver’s seat
Foundation Workshops: