Ignite. More love and light in 2018!

Incarnating as human beings, love is central to our existence because that is our light being essence. Consciously and unconsciously we seek to create love as a solid foundation in our lives from which we can go out and have the most magnificent experiences. To deny love is to deny ourselves growth, joy, fulfilment and peace.

When love is not present, there is a breaking point or it goes away, a lot of our energy, thoughts and emotions go into finding it, repairing or fixing it or ending it without letting it all take too much of a toll on us. Yet it almost always does. These teachings help you avoid all the devastation and trauma and move into the space and energy of extraordinary love in 2018, which will help you

  • Attract the ‘right’ people into your life,
  • Take your current relationships to another level of deep love without a breaking point
  • Forge more lasting, enduring bonds with those that matter so much to you.


Yet it is not just love and relationships that get an enormous boost from this package. It has an absolutely spectacular impact on all areas of your life.  

It always begins with:

Module 1

When You Love Yourself Completely

The magnet of extraordinary love lies within us. Whatever our past experiences, emotional issues that seem to draw the same type of people or situations into our lives and whether we understand unconditional love or not, it all gets sorted out when we start loving ourselves completely.

However, the problem that many of us face is that we don’t know how or where to begin. This compassionate teaching from Julius shows you the way by:

  • Explaining how and why most people don’t love themselves completely.
  • How the impact of not loving ourselves impacts our lives.
  • How to love ourselves and the amazing far-reaching effects of this state.
  • A short, extremely effective process to start loving oneself.




Module 2

The Giving and Receiving of Love

This teaching is an almost necessary continuation of the first. There is more depth to understanding how to love oneself. Then there follows the balance that automatically ensures fulfilment and joy – the giving and receiving of love. Some human beings are very good at giving love but not receiving it, others easily receive love but falter at giving it. The rest of the human race falls somewhere in between.

Julius imparts high wisdom to move past these blocks:

  • By describing the grandest expression of love.
  • Why we find love unfulfilling at times.
  • The understanding that leads to the giving and receiving of love.
  • How to resolve such issues in relationships.
  • A powerful 30-day practice to further facilitate the process of loving oneself.



Modules 3 & 4

Reaching Greater Depths Of Intimacy

These profound teachings take you into exploring and understanding how and why there can be an inner disconnection from people in your life. They guide you to your empowerment and help you get back to your essence of a light being. An important section of this teaching is dedicated to deep healing of traumatic events in the past that act as a barrier to love and intimacy.

You reach greater depths of intimacy through:

  • The in-depth explanation of why there is a disconnection with other people.
  • How to eliminate this disconnection.
  • A very interesting exercise, plus a deep guided meditation to being the light you are.
  • How to heal traumatic events in your past that are related to intimacy.
  • How to lift physical intimacy to a whole new level.




Modules 5 & 6

Fear – Are You Creating Or Reacting?

Most of us have an automated system of fear residing within us that sabotages expansive possibilities and our relationships too. This extremely valuable teaching guides us on how to get past that system, dismantle it so it no longer troubles but instead allows our relationships to flourish. It helps dissolve past triggers of repeated conflict and facilitates movement into a space of peace, joy and adventure.

Moving past fear-based reactions into love-based creation affects every aspect of life in a deep, joyous, liberating way. It is the journey of the soul into light.

You discover:

  • The fascinating truth about the cruise control in your brain and what happened to it.
  • How to prepare for the powerful shift out of fear.
  • Practical, detailed guidance for a 30-day period to shift from reaction to creation.
  • How to deal with various contributory factors that lead you into fear.
  • Crucial information on food and its connection to fear.