This is an advanced teaching that is the answer to all conflict in families, communities, countries and the world. It brings with it the promise of peace, harmony and love for all who choose it.

Many have pondered about truth. Many have been confused about the truth of matters important to them, especially when there are conflicting theories, opinions and writings.  How do you know what is true for you?

A truth moves you. If it does not, you are depressed, unfulfilled, uninspired and unhealthy.

This 2-part teaching is about deriving fulfillment from the truth. As you do so, it moves you into adventure, into wisdom.

As you absorb this teaching, you fully understand the profound truth of what is going on around you as well as all over the world.

Strengthen your ability to feel your truth and never again wonder if something is true or not.

Learn about the truth of all things:

  • Is there such a thing as a lie?
  • Is there more than one truth?
  • Is there an Ultimate Truth?
  • What is the Truth of you?
  • What is genius?
  • What is the definition of limited truth?
  • What are open-ended truths?
  • The limitations of Truth in alignment with the physical.
  • What the Truth is.

Julius gives you more information on:

  • Receiving inner guidance from your higher self.
  • What do you do when you perceive someone is lying?
  • How do you keep to your truth when others don’t have same truth.
  • Mismatched frequencies and relationships.
  • Muscle testing and the truth.

Truth is the way something feels inside of you that is in alignment with who you are or who you desire to be. It feels right.” ~ Julius

Foundation Workshops: