Julius will help you understand the Illusion of Time,  Why we have given so much power to it, and How to relieve the Pressure of it.
How to integrate the teaching of LIVING IN THE NOW to our daily lives, What that experience will bring to us, and What the Healing powers of that relief can bring.

We are often told that the state of Joy and Bliss lives in the Now,  and all we have to do is get into The Now or the Vortex of the Now to experience them. But how do we continue in our daily lives while creating this experience?

Humans measure themselves against time or with time.

It has to do with aging,
It has to do with progression,
It has to do with ability,
It has to do with things that you get done or don’t get done
or the pressure of all of that.

Julius explains “The Pressure Cooker” of time.  How relieving that is, living in the Now.
How to include others in this experience without isolating yourself.

Mastering the Balance of Time Illusion, integration, getting Time on your side instead of against you.
Do you have The Time to Spend with Julius?  We know you do…….

This course is supported by the second course for the Month titled, “Your EMPOWERMENT Explains Everything”.

The folllowing are other courses that go deeper into specific topics and which can support this course. They are not essential but are recommended, and can be purchased before or after experiencing this course.

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-> Harmonizing With The Energetic Flow of The Seasons

These courses are strongly recommended for this course, and they sit at the foundation of most of all Julius teachings, and also the human experience of life.

-> 7 Seals of Consciousness.
-> The 7 Frequency Bands And Your Auric Field. 2016 Version.
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