This inspirational and incisive teaching is one of the cornerstones of all Julius’ teachings.

It is often recommended as a supporting class for the depth of understanding it lends to the other classes.

Even taken as a stand-alone class, it is absolutely valuable for the clarity it provides on what is really going on in our lives. Just these insights can help bring about changes that lead to a happy and fulfilling life.

If you have ever experienced frustration and stress at not being able to manifest the things that you desire, or that your manifestation is more of a hit and miss affair rather than a certainty, it could very well be this little known but absolutely crucial component in the manifestation process.

If you are looking to raise your experience of levels of consciousness and frequency, the understanding of this fundamental aspect of acceptance will reap rich dividends.

Julius explains:

  • How it is generally very hard to understand what acceptance is.
  • How the broadening of acceptance has such a huge impact on the manifestation process.
  • How you could be turning away the very things that you desire.
  • How acceptance impacts a key issue of life, and vice versa.
  • About emotions and how they expedite the manifestation process.
  • How to build your ‘sandcastle of possibility’.

Other gems in this teaching:

  • A stimulating, fun-filled game, as well as a process, to broaden your acceptance.
  • An insight into a day in the life of an ascended master.
  • About the pool of thought, and a mind-boggling analogy often used by Julius in other teachings.
  • The difference between ghosts and apparitions.
  • The inspirational analogy of an ant and its possibilities.

What if we told you that the higher percentage of your experience is based on what you refuse rather than what you accept?” ~ Julius


There are other courses that go deeper into specific topics and can support this course. The other courses are not essential and can be purchased before or after experiencing this course.

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These courses sit at the foundation of most of all the Julius teachings and also the human experience of life.