Kasey, Brad and Julius continue to push the boundaries with this brave topic of intimate relationships.

In this 4-part teaching Julius teaches and addresses issues dealing with sex, touch, communication, understanding and expressions in intimate sexual partnered relationships.
This is an advanced course in relationships. 

This absolutely phenomenal teaching on a subject that is not openly discussed will bring immense clarity on this very significant area of our being and our lives. It is a teaching that will help each student reach high levels of self-acceptance, beauty and love within themselves and with others. It is, ultimately, what will lead each into knowing the euphoria of being Source.

Julius emphatically expands our knowing to the next level:

  • Why and how the soul gets restricted from the start of physical life.
  • How parents can guide children to have a healthy perspective towards intimacy.
  • The major factor for faltering relationships.
  • What does high tolerance to pain indicate?
  • One of the most healing components for pain in the body.
  • The incredible truth about what the senses were set up for.
  • Practical guidance on creating your intimate self, a very vital component.
  • A beautiful practice to heal pain.
  • Connecting with your partner at a deeper, more fulfilling level.
  • The illusion and the reality in a relationship.
  • Very important keys to a deep, satisfying new relationship.
  • How to recognize and avoid ‘predatory’ types in a relationship.
  • Definition of love and its demonstration in the relationship.
  • The truth about cheating in relationships.
  • Distractions on the way, their effect and navigating your way around them.
  • Vital signs of a loving relationship.
  • Being empowered about past relationships.
  • The significance of your body in knowing you are Source.
  • Intricacies, clarity and in-depth guidance on infidelity.
  • What an open relationship is.
  • The controlling and the needy person in all types of relationships.
  • The only way to completely heal previous traumatic events affecting relationships.
  • Understanding, honoring, loving, allowing and collaborating with your soul.

Three amazing questions and dialogues to electrify depths of intimacy and emotional connection. More stunning, new information and guidance on deep, intimate subjects:

  • The light being versus human perspective on the sexes.
  • What loving, sexual relationships will be like in the time to come.
  • More insight into infidelity.
  • The extraordinary relationships of light beings.
  • The absolutely amazing way to knowing yourself as a light being.
  • The fabulous opportunities presented by impotence and similar problems.
  • The intense energetic, spiritual experience of sex.
  • Honoring the physical embodiment.
  • Most interesting, new information on orgasms, including multiple or not.
  • Healing perspectives of shame about sexual activity.
  • What is this feeling of butterflies in the stomach when you meet someone?
  • Can you prevent pregnancy through your thoughts, your mind?
  • Deciphering the manipulation of energy in relationships, including business relationships.
  • How this information helps in manifestation.
  • How you can powerfully help others accept the truth of being Source.
  • Celibacy and spiritual practice.
  • Is there an appropriate age for sexual intercourse?
  • Can once intimate relationships become platonic?
  • Your most effective contribution in helping others heal.

Supporting Workshops:

Foundation Workshops:

These courses sit at the foundation of most of all the Julius teachings and also the human experience of life.

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