This class discusses how heaven and hell came to be and how lifetimes of teachings have become ingrained on our altered ego. Do they exist? And is there really a reward or punishment system in place?

Julius gives profound, groundbreaking insights into the origin of the concepts of heaven and hell and even more importantly, how the altered ego was created.  This teaching is given specifically to free all from deeply embedded imprints of ancient fear. It is given to help you live in the perception of heaven on this earth, which will change your life completely, imparting radiance and light to everything, including the mind.

This course gives you invaluable guidance to work and move towards higher states of consciousness. Its every sentence can be a revelation and an epiphany. This is the movement into freedom and love and joy.

 Taking a huge step away from fear and into higher consciousness with clarity on:

  • The origin of the altered ego.
  • The fear related to hell as well as heaven.
  • The dichotomy in religions about judgment.
  • The essence of the punishment and reward system.
  • How and why the concepts of heaven and hell were created.
  • The difference between men and women in pre-Atlantean times.
  • The status of women in those times.
  • Why hell was a shallow grave and under the ground.
  • Why the variations in near-death experiences.
  • The common thread in NDEs.
  • The massive polarity of empowerment and disempowerment.
  • How fear undermines a love-based concept.
  • How everything in the human experience has the undermining energy of fear.
  • What feels like hell to the soul.
  • The understanding that makes the journey through consciousness smoother.
  • The elevated understanding of trust, especially in relationships.
  • The important aspects of perception and action.
  • Making THE Choice.
  • The all-important mechanism of detachment.
  • A simple yet effective practice to detach from fear.
  • How to shift the energy of a challenge to the energy of an opportunity.
  • The human being perspective versus the light being perspective.
  • The awesome power and energy of vulnerability.
  • Closure of or expansion from an issue.
  • The apology or gratitude approach to past wounds/issues.
  • What is masterhood on this earth.

The Q & A has many stupendous insights and information:

  •  When is fear first known in existence or creation?
  • How experience leads to self-love and self-acceptance.
  • Why you can never fail.
  • Further guidance on the feared yet empowering vulnerability.
  • The perception on emotions that keeps us limited and bound.
  • More clarity on fear, judgment and altered ego.
  • Exactly how judgment creates a hellish experience of life on earth.
  • How to go with the flow in the moment.
  • Where judgment first begins and what causes it.
  • Why ghosts get stuck in that time and space.
  • How to prevent yourself from becoming a ghost after death.
  • What the greatest form of consciousness is – a striking, deep insight.
  • How to prevent repetition of painful situations or issues.
  • The other beings on this realm that share similar thoughts to humans.