This incredible 3-part series makes you aware of the powerful quantum blue field to which you have unlimited access. It is the energy Source of everything physical.

In this very thorough explanation, Julius explains how everything in your life is created in the high vibration of the quantum blue field, how the process of manifestation then remains at that fast-paced frequency or slows down according to your perspective.

With startling insights into how you may be really creating your life, Julius guides you on how to access this amazing field of possibilities to turbo-charge your manifestation process, as well as to raise your consciousness.

Julius assures us that it is not an arduous task, but a fluid process.

Important: Learn how you can improve things in your life through a specific action.

Accessing and information about the power of the quantum blue field:

  • The creative or manifestation process.
  • About the relationship between thought and the quantum blue field.
  • Going back to the factory of creation to make exciting changes in your life.
  • Raising consciousness with the quantum blue field.
  • A deeper understanding of judgment.
  • About the color and energy of your thoughts.
  • The difference between creating something new, and fixing what exists.
  • Accessing the blue field.
  • How you often sabotage your manifestation.
  • Understanding how miracles occur.
  • A closer look at why patterns repeat in life.
  • Example of creating abundance of money from this teaching.
  • The truths of a higher consciousness teaching.

More important information:

  • Making choices and decisions according to your soul.
  • Difference between judgment and fact.
  • About seeking approval of others.
  • How to create miracles.
  • A 2-step guide to resolving issues.
  • Is a rifle a high-consciousness or a low-consciousness object?
  • A detailed discussion on judgment in day-to-day life.
  • More guidance on raising your consciousness.

The quantum blue field is an energetic truth. It is an actual plane of existence.” ~ Julius

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