In this 3-part course, you will learn that healing with the blue body is an advanced, powerful application because it is equivalent to creating the body from the ‘blueprint’ stage, it is above and beyond applications for DNA restructuring and genetic patterns.

Practitioners using this application have found it to be extremely beneficial in their practice.

The good news is that anyone can easily use this application for themselves and their loved ones because the healing frequencies of the blue body exist within us.

It is just a matter of knowing how to access and apply them.

Julius walks you through the entire healing process and you can experience the healing power as you follow the guidance. It is one of the best, most enjoyable ways for remaining in vibrant physical and emotional health.

Julius gives you a comprehensive understanding of:

  • The truth about birth defects.
  • What your body.
  • What you can always access and make changes for your body.
  • What to focus on with the blue body, and not to focus on your body.
  • About the frequencies of healing.
  • Using the blue body healing application for an injury.
  • The time factor and perspective in this type of healing.
  • A real world phenomenon being a demonstration of the blue body.
  • Sending the blue light energy to others, into your home, bed, furniture, etc.
  • Getting to the blue body perspective.
  • What it feels like to be a light being.
  • The secret component to releasing kundalini energy.
  • Various ways of using this healing for others.
  • The most effective time for this healing for resistant people.
  • Amazing facts about a secret hormone.
  • The crucial time for the flow of this hormone.

And there’s always more to know:

  • Why you do not remember your dreams.
  • What to do with your emotions for healing.
  • Information on ayahuasca, tobacco etc.
  • Pinealine and sleep.
  • Another blue body application.

You can configure your body any way you choose. That is a truth as it is known.” ~ Julius