A 3 part class with 2 lectures and a Q&A.

Healing the Unhealable

This outstanding teaching holds a compassion that soothes, a power that transforms and a clarity that liberates. It addresses a common yet highly disturbing issue:
Are there ways to heal our own pain and suffering when we cannot seem to reach those we love the most?  Sometimes relationships seem unhealable, especially if the other person dies or cuts themselves completely off from contact with us?  When topics are left misunderstood, when love is twisted, and hurtful, how do we heal ourselves? Are we destined to hold the pain in our hearts and simply manage them to a certain degree, or is there clear and complete resolution?
Be loved , be well, be Source.

With powerful magic, energy and words, Julius transforms our inner being in the two lectures:

  • How do you honor the free will of the other while seeking resolution?
  • What is the difference between neutral ground and healing?
  • Where the healing process begins.
  • The first step in healing the unhealable.
  • Two important factors that help people move on when they are non-physical.
  • How to heal when you are the one that hurt and harmed another.
  • Healing when there is devastation in love as a young adult.
  • What every single experience is doing for us.
  • One of the most challenging yet profound truths about experience and role-playing.
  • The massive value of thought connection.
  • A clear insight into ‘coveting’ and the emotion of desire.
  • What relationships are to souls and this physical life.
  • What happens when no move is made to heal.
  • All that goes on in having an experience.
  • What happens when you ignore what you have called for.
  • The astounding fact about the experience of trauma.
  • The unknown and amazing truth that helps to ease the weight of guilt.
  • How to go from the space of pain to the space of empowerment.
  • The first question to ask and the answer that comes.
  • The subsequent questions leading to resolution.
  • How to grow out of being a victim.
  • Another integral component of the healing process.
  • The insightful practice of moving from the doer to the observer.
  • How to view the situation in the healing process.
  • When you start moving from your altered ego state into alignment with your soul.
  • The next step to lighten your load.
  • A high truth, yet challenging to accept that leads to true healing.
  • The window of opportunity to heal matters with someone who has passed away or is estranged.
  • How do you change what took place from an experience that has already taken place?
  • Why there is blame.
  • The invitation you send out to one who has passed away.
  • Why the wound remains.
  • Healing the loss of a dearly loved one.

Julius gives more clarity and guidance on several crucial issues:

  • How to heal the wound without pouring salt on it.
  • The vital two-step process of moving on from an issue.
  • How empaths can deal with such situations.
  • Guidance on how to deal with missing people who have passed on or are estranged.
  • Resolving conflicts with people who are now in a state of dementia, Alzheimer’s.
  • Dealing with the energy of blaming and complaining.
  • More on handling situations with relatives.

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