Healing Applications, Visualizations And Meditations


“Brad, this is a FABULOUS, FABULOUS Q & A… Julius has expanded on a few areas that now make so much sense! Thank you sooo very much.”

-Candice from Winnipeg, Canada


This course originally sold for $89. It has been reduced to $39.

Julius reminds us of a time when healing was as natural to us as breathing.

So this innate ability is a remembrance, rather than learning something new and it is accessible to all. Learn unique meditations, applications and visualizations in this 2-part teaching.

The detailed, advanced healing application, which is based on the Seven Seals of Consciousness, has astonishing results because it works with thought, with levels of consciousness.

This is an application that not only heals the physical but leads to expansion and healing at the mental and emotional levels too.

The application helps creates a ‘superstructure’ of complete health. It is healing from the moment of Now.

It is groundbreaking for people who want to heal themselves as well as for practitioners.

Julius explains:

  • The human body.
  • The most effective way to use aids such as sound, colors, crystals & vibrational energy.
  • Application to rebuild rather than repair and the vast difference between the two.
  • The anti-aging element of this healing application.
  • The requirement of a patient in the healing process.
  • A phenomenal guided meditation for manifestation.

Additional information on:

  • Using this application on pets.
  • Distance healing.
  • Two aspects that are crucial for  healing.
  • How to help loved ones resistant to healing.
  • Crucial hormones for efficient functioning of the body.
  • Kundalini energy and a little known, mysterious hormone.
  • About acceptance, knowing and belief.
  • Information on the triangle.
  • More on the manifestation process.
  • How you can immediately help accident victims.

Acknowledgment of an injury is living in previous.” ~ Julius


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