While many people have heard about the aura, not many have realized its truly significant role in manifestation, in physical, mental and emotional well-being.

If you have been processing fear based thoughts.  Or thoughts of limitation and judgement, you may have created breaks or ribbons in your Auric field. Low frequency or inconsistencies in your opinions or desires can breakup your energy bandwidth field.
Your Auric field is the passageway to receivership of thoughts.  It’s the way your thoughts come in and go out to be manifested. Breaks and ribbons can substantially slow this process down, even halt your efforts through inconsistent flow and vitality of vibration through your field.
In this important teaching, Julius gives clear and in-depth guidance on how to refine this very useful tool for the manifestation process and facilitate general well-being. You are given ways to heal and create strength in your aura. You learn how to stay vibrant and resistant to toxic thoughts and deterioration of your bandwidths. A series of practices and exercises are given to facilitate this process.

Julius reveals the mysteries of the aura:

  • Scientific and spiritual explanation of an auric field.
  • What the auric field is for.
  • The truly detrimental impact of breaks and ribbons in the aura.
  • A highly illustrative analogy to understand the auric field.
  • The signs that show you have tears and rips in your auric field.
  • What happens when you do not heal the breaks.
  • The sabotager within you.
  • The ways to prevent the tears and rips.
  • A simple, powerful exercise to do every morning and evening to heal the breaks.
  • Another way to repair the breaks and tears.
  • Situations that cause breaks and tears in the aura.
  • Healing other factors to ensure long-term healing.
  • Understanding how thought is processed through your body.
  • How the aura can remain intact.
  • An exercise to see and read your aura.
  • A loving thought intention to energize, heal and illuminate your auric field.

Julius provides further guidance on common issues and situations:

  • What starts the process of breaks and rips in the aura.
  • The case of a co-worker’s detrimental influence on others.
  • A practice to ramp up the energy of the aura.
  • The non-invasive way to help clear other people’s aura.
  • Guidance for practitioners to help their clients.
  • The energetic boosting of your plants, pets and other animals.
  • The qualities of golden light.
  • Additional ways to clear the aura.
  • The connection between the aura, body, soul.
  • The reason for the common phenomenon of sleep paralysis.
  • Another interesting benefit of aura cleansing at night.
  • The relation between out-of-body experiences and breaks in the aura.
  • The healing power and benefits of meditation.
  • One of the most powerful and easiest meditation.
  • More detailed guidance on using one of the given practices for fabulous manifestation.
  • The greatest factor in manifesting your desires.
  • The times when slow manifestation is beneficial.
  • The analogy of a jigsaw puzzle to understand the manifestation game.

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