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This vital teaching, as Julius explains to us, is relevant for mastering the physical, human and light components of your being.

The importance of being in rhythm with the different times of the year is often overlooked in the haste and stress of modern life.

If you follow the compass the seasons, they are extremely beneficial for you, your state of being and your health. If you go against the flow, you get sick, lethargic, depressed.

In raising your consciousness, you use everything on this physical plane to work for you. And one of the most important is the rhythms and cycles of this physical plane that were designed to help you live life to the optimum.

Each season brings its unique bouquet of gifts. When we partake of them, we are in the natural flow that enhances our spiritual practice. Ignoring the gifts can lead to stress and ill health, which are a distraction on the spiritual path.

Get most interesting information from Julius: 

  • What seasons are reminders of.
  • Unique descriptions of the seasons.
  • The activities most suited to each season.
  • About animals & seasons.
  • About depression in winter.
  • Who created the seasons and why.
  • How seasons help your body.
  • Nutritional advice.
  • Perception in winter.
  • The imbalances in each season.
  • How flowing with the seasons helps us.
  • How harmonizing with seasons helps in the manifestation process.

There’s more to know:

  • Guidance from the light and plants.
  • The importance of the sleep cycle, how much sleep we need.
  • How each season provides a new way of connecting with your soul.
  • About using local aromas, flavours and produce.
  • How muscle testing works.
  • About electronic devices.
  • The effect of caffeine.

You live in cycles on this realm. Every single physical embodiment that lives on this realm is affected by the seasonal elements. That’s why you implemented them, that’s why they are here, that’s how they are useful for you.” ~ Julius

Foundation Courses:

These courses sit at the foundation of most of all the Julius teachings and also the human experience of life.