This is one more teaching that empowers you and leads you to the knowing that you are Source, by giving a unique definition of the popular concepts of gratitude, and selfishness.

Find out, and experience, how gratitude is the support system for your knowing.

Through the ages, through various doctrines and norms, you have been told that selfishness is undesirable, that you are a bad person, less than if you are selfish.

Julius explains that this concept of selfishness was designed to separate you from yourself.

Julius’s unique definition of selfishness aligns you with who you are, and leads you to compassion and understanding.

Many people struggle with letting go of the past, of moving past emotional traumatic events or situations, which seem difficult to release and keep resurfacing.

Julius gives loving guidance on how to finally let go and move past such issues.

An added bonus: In-depth, valuable information on the manifestation process

Julius explains:

  • The way to attain a continual state of joy and bliss.
  • The many beneficial effects of gratitude.
  • Gratitude is a support system for your knowing.
  • Why the teachings of the past on selfishness were misguided.
  • Helps you reconsider the old concept of selfishness and let it go.
  • A beautiful, moving meditation to help with personal issues and struggles.

Other gems in the teaching:

  • Getting past imprints of the past, especially related to money.
  • More important insights on living in the Now.
  • About the consciously aware state of a master.
  • How do you master this realm?
  • Julius’s take on karma.
  • About the exchange of energy in energy work.
  • Valuable in-depth information on manifestation, and how you can manifest quickly.
  • What is the conduit to wisdom?

Great things happen to people who feel great all the time.” ~ Julius

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