This is a 3-part class with 2 lectures and one Q&A.

This is a deep, intense and advanced teaching on the nature of thought and how to maximize its benefits in your manifestation process. It will cause you to stop, rethink and reprogram the building blocks of your experience.

Manifesting money, health, relationships in all their possibilities just gets easier. This is the course that will show you how to move away from thought placed on you by others and become the powerful creator of your reality.

Do you really understand how powerful your thoughts are? Human beings have a tendency to stop their thought, which then fractures that thought and sends it in all different types of directions. This program will teach you how to stay centered amidst the distractions and focus your thought on its intended purpose.

The way to a more happy life with expedited manifestation:

  • The origin and explanation of fractured thoughts.
  • The striking analogy of a windshield and a spider’s web.
  • Original thought and fractured thought.
  • The deeper truth of the altered ego.
  • How many thoughts are being expanded at any given moment?
  • The only way to master the fractured mind.
  • The different ways of dealing with the altered ego in the different stages of consciousness.
  • A beautiful analogy of the bee-hive.
  • The interplay of emotions and thoughts explained.
  • How fear gets compounded.
  • Creating magic or reactive limitation.
  • When do you know a thought has lost its energy?
  • When do you have fulfillment and growth from an experience?
  • How do you unleash your limitations?
  • A powerful process of manifestation at the end of the day.
  • The internet of fractured thought.
  • Can you control the fracturing of thought?
  • How the Universe works to manifest your thoughts.
  • What not to do in the manifestation process.
  • Why history repeats itself.
  • A key component in bringing chaos into your life, how to protect yourself.
  • How people get sucked into fear-based situations.
  • The power of the Now in manifestation.
  • How Jesus could walk on water.

More priceless gems in this teaching:

  • Deeper insight into differing realities.
  • The beautiful art of communication.
  • The energy and intensity of fractured thoughts.
  • Trailer thoughts that are self-sabotaging.
  • Do you infringe on the free will of those you love?
  • A beautiful description of a real, deeply connected relationship.
  • Negative attitudes and positive outcomes.
  • The fear of success explained.
  • Guidance on how to grow your business.
  • Are the energies of love and fear equal?
  • The reaction of first seal consciousness beings to happiness.
  • The traits of being a high consciousness being.
  • The one reason for misunderstandings among people.
  • Fractured thought, acceptance and emotion in the manifestation process.
  • The issue of extreme emotional imbalance.
  • The role of the left and right sides of the brain.
  • Belief, knowing and truth for you personally.
  • How to use dreams to help you in this existence.
  • The best way to deal with the altered ego.
  • Julius’ definition of the Matrix.
  • The crucial process of not letting the subconscious sabotage your manifestation process.