3-Part Course with 2 lectures and one Q&A.

Every sentence in this teaching vibrates with the highest frequencies of love, wisdom and inspiration. As you listen again and again to it, magic unfolds in ever-widening circles.

Many of us have come around to the belief that we are Source, but somehow the knowing of this profound truth and its impact on our daily lives still eludes us to a great extent. Now Julius steps in to aid us in our remembrance of ourselves in the most powerful way that occurs from moment to moment as we discover the tremendous truth about our fractalizing thoughts. In the most pleasing, awe-inspiring, body-tingling way, this teaching gives you the shortcut to beginning to know the vastness of who you are and what it is to be Source. With this will come all the fulfilling changes we have been seeking for so long. That is a certainty.

As just one of the many deep ways this course will help you is as Julius suggests in the lecture:

Let this dialogue inspire you when you’re stuck, when you’re stressed, when you’re full of anxiety and you’re trying to find solutions for things.

This course is for advanced students of consciousness.

For a clear understanding of the groundbreaking concepts of this class, we recommend you watch a video on fractals such as this one:

               Fractal Zoom (Last Lights On) Mandelbrot (720p 30fps) e228 (2^760)               

In the lectures, Julius breaks ground and tackles advanced aspects of knowing:

  • A fabulous definition of a fractal.
  • What are fractals when it comes to the soul and Source.
  • The perspective of the altered ego as opposed to the light being.
  • In ultimate reality, what is our truth?
  • The essential urge of indescribable Source.
  • Where Source lives in its totality.
  • An astonishing, subtle truth about our emotions and feelings.
  • Language reaches its limits here and why.
  • Why our knowing of self is so limited.
  • Deep insights into the existence of consciousness and knowing.
  • The story of Adam and Eve in this context.
  • The understanding that makes everything in life more valuable.
  • A far deeper insight into all that we are doing here on earth.
  • Why and how high consciousness beings are continually in joy, irrespective of their surroundings.
  • How we get to realizing the vastness of who we are.
  • The absolutely incredible truth about every thought.
  • What is the truth about truth?
  • How you can change everything in your life.
  • The massively underutilized power of the soul and how to change that.
  • A clear example of this in healing.
  • How to use this knowledge to reverse lack of any kind in your life.
  • A fabulous question to ask yourself that lifts you out of limitation.
  • An amazing way to start your day.
  • The wonderful analogy of baseball that makes this information so clear.
  • Julius’ definition of a conscious journey.
  • The profound way that you eliminate all judgment.
  • The thought concept that will create shifts within you and raise your frequency.
  • How to change what is troubling you in areas of your life.

Julius took the information to another level in the Q&A:

  • The huge difference between fractalizing in fear and love.
  • What sort of consciousness do the atoms of the body have?
  • Deeper, more amazing truths about crystals and their energy.
  • More on our DNA, chakras and 6th seal consciousness beings.
  • When do we start the magic of fractalizing thoughts?
  • Vital information about thoughts and emotions on the conscious journey.
  • The state of consciousness in Atlantean and Lemurian times.
  • How to move from fractured to fractalizing thoughts.
  • What to do if you are experiencing sorrow.
  • What determines which trauma in concurrent lives will impact this life?
  • The pure state of thought.
  • An aspect of an out-of-body experience explained.
  • What the auric field demonstrates and what happens to it in high states of consciousness.
  • Fractals in realms, dimensions and vortices.
  • How to get beyond the altered ego.
  • What is illusion?
  • Does a stone have thoughts?
  • Julius’ highly inspiring parting words.

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