“If you can access your blue knowing, you can create everything intentionally”.
~ Julius
Having the blues about any aspect of your life – lack of abundance, great health, fulfilling
relationships? The resolution lies in amazing blues we have access to, but don’t know about. In these
ground-breaking teachings, Julius gives us inside knowledge of how everything is created by us on
this physical plane. This knowledge and these applications are what we use to steer the course of
our lives as well as keep our bodies, the vehicles that carry us through this life, in a continually
rejuvenated state.
The value and exceptional nature of this package lies in the keys you are given to unlock many
mysteries that give your manifestation a powerful turbocharge. From the tremendous feedback that
we have received from students, these teachings have made a huge difference in their lives and to
their bodies.

Modules 1 and 2 – Healing With The Blue Body
These teachings initiate you into a powerful, advanced application for healing the body. It is not only
remarkably effective for healing existing conditions, but it is also amazing for keeping you young and
in vibrant health. You discover how to recreate your body from the ‘blueprint’ stage, which is at a
more advanced level than applications for DNA restructuring and genetic patterns.
Heal your physical body from the highest level:
– Julius takes you through the blue body healing process.
– The factors of time and perspective in this application.
– How to use this application to heal others, even those resistant to it.
– Various ways to use this healing modality, even if you are not a healer.

Modules 3 and 4: Healing Your Life Through The Quantum Blue Field
The high-vibration quantum blue field is the field of dreams we play in to convert them into reality. It
is the energy source of everything physical. By accessing this field, we give a very powerful boost to
the intentional creation of all areas of our lives that are not in harmony with what we would like and
the direction in which we are heading.
Discover and use all stupendous aspects of the quantum blue field:
– Where and how to access the quantum blue field.
– How to start making exciting changes in your life.
– How to use the quantum blue field to raise your consciousness.
– Understanding how you may be sabotaging your manifestation and how miracles occur.
Important: Learn how to improve your life through a specific action.

Your intention to heal is the signal to the universe that you are ready to fly!