We live in a turbulent world, full of uncertainties and change at the personal and global level. We and others around us get affected by the turmoil, disruption, disclosure and violent acts that seem to knock us back just when we are recovering from the last natural calamity, act of terrorism or various other pieces of disturbing news. And if in addition, our personal state of being brings its own challenges, we lace every moment with fear, instead of fulfilling its potential through the core essence of our being. This special package of teachings by Julius gives you the insights, perspectives and energy to stay centered, no matter what is playing out around you.

Module 1: The Oversensitive Soul
If you are looking at this package, chances are high that you are or will become highly sensitive on your journey in consciousness. And you may find it challenging at first, even difficult to cope with. This beautiful teaching is on how to embrace your soul and flourish in its energy.
Embracing the soul journey:
  • The ranges of sensitivity through the seals of consciousness.
  • Detailed guidance on how to be sensitive and master this realm.
  • Sacred spaces and activities to help you on your journey.
  • Helping others with their sensitivity.


Module 2: The Power of How
True, durable self-empowerment comes only through knowing who you are, in tough or easy times. That is the power of How. We utilize this power when we embark on the knowing that we are the powerful essence behind which everything works. The walk towards self-empowerment begins with understanding:
  • How we lost knowing of ourselves as Source.
  • How and why we came to earth.
  • The physical plane and its experiences.
  • How we can powerfully create each moment of our lives.

Module 3: Falling In Love With The Process

Julius tells us we will not gain mastery by living in a cave, that we must integrate the physical with the spiritual to be the masters that they call us. Is there a way to be a part of this mostly fear-based world and even enjoy the journey? This is the million-dollar question that Julius answers to aid us in
stepping into each new moment with appreciation, joy and knowing.

Stabilizing in truth and joy, you discover:

  • The perspective that serves you best in times of disaster.
  • Moving beyond subtler aspects of victimhood.
  • What the soul understands about coming to a physical realm.
  • How to enjoy the journey in challenging times.

Module 4: Meditation – Manifestation and Nature’s Bounty

An unusual meditation on manifestation that raises your frequency as you follow Julius through noticing all the nuances and changes in nature. We use the guidance in this meditation to change our inner world as we notice all that is happening in nature and with other inhabitants of this world.