This is a two-part course with 1 lecture and 1 discussion.

Julius calls this teaching a ‘seed teaching’. Though this appears to be a back-to-the-basics teaching, it is far more an eternally relevant, critical one that has the power to give you great momentum on your conscious journey.

This is the teaching to listen to when times are hard, difficult situations arise or you feel that lack of progress. As a valuable addition to your library of inspirational, high energy teachings, this course on the art of staying happy will sustain and support you just when you need it the most.

Julius truly inspires and elevates through these points:

  •  The desire of the soul.
  • The important difference between doing and being on the conscious journey.
  • The striking analogy of the tortoise and the hare in this context.
  • The hills and valleys of your conscious journey explained.
  • How to find happiness in difficult situations.
  • The real reason for children having serious illnesses in some cases.
  • The difference in priority for women and men.
  • Interesting insights into male and female energy.
  • A most important piece of wisdom to pass on to children.
  • When you know that you are mastering the components of distraction.
  • Utilizing the opportunities to expand in your journey.
  • The big secret about happiness.
  • How to practice the art of staying happy.
  • The example of how to shift the energy in an argument.
  • The one thing you totally have control over.
  • What to do when you have lost your happiness or are stuck in a rut.
  • The far-reaching and deep effects of happiness.
  • The one piece of advice that people exiting a life tell others around them.

So many more gems in this teaching:

  •  A brilliant analogy to illustrate the importance of balance in life.
  • The fun game to play.
  • The indispensable component for high states of consciousness.
  • A vital teaching about giving.
  • The issues that lead to one of the huge issues on the conscious journey.
  • Deep insights into depression and the way out.
  • The artificial role you assume in childhood that continues in life.
  • Arrogance versus compassion.
  • How to differentiate between the different types of love.
  • A very crucial aspect of energy healing.
  • Incredible information on the balancing of male and female energy.
  • Simple yet powerful practices for the moment and happiness.

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