2 Part Workshop with 1 lecture and 1 Q&A

Feeding Courage

This teaching is undoubtedly a gem of high wisdom, information and valuable guidance.  It fills a gap in our understanding that sometimes makes our conscious journey a struggle. Feeding courage is indispensable to master life, to have fun and joy as we continue our journey. This workshop is about where to put our focus and what to avoid in order to move into greater fulfillment.  Our soul needs to grow, learn and love.  It needs new things and thrilling adventures.
It is this aspect of feeding courage that provides the soul the expansion it continually seeks. Courage is patient, it nurtures, it selects the right environment for the experience.  It is wise. Courage is a long term commitment and it takes intention and follow through.
You not only get practical guidance on how to feed courage on a daily basis but also some truly life-defining insights that make you sit up, take notice and use that wisdom in your movement forward.

In the lecture, Julius make us aware of why courage is essential on our journey and how to feed it:

  • The massive conflict of being human and walking through the human experience.
  • The energy and creativity of Source and your soul.
  • Why there is stress, anxiety and erosion of your body, your life.
  • Why eliminating fear is not enough.
  • The two simultaneous processes that are a substantial part of a fulfilling conscious journey.
  • A striking analogy that illustrates these two processes in life and the misstep that may occur.
  • The difference between bravery and courage.
  • The important role courage plays in eliminating the false.
  • Julius’ interpretation of feeding courage.
  • The sheer significance of creativity and why it is a threat to some.
  • Why copying another doesn’t lead to the same success.
  • The magical thing that happens when you start feeding courage.
  • How to feed courage on a day-to-day basis.
  • The effect of repetition on us.
  • Brad’s inspiring story.
  • A native American saying that illustrates this teaching.
  • The vital 3-step program to feed courage.
  • The role humility plays in feeding courage.
  • The uplifting example of a student.
  • The obsessive-compulsive drive explained.
  • Reigniting and creating more harmony in relationships.
  • Fun games to express the soul.

Julius gives many ‘Aha’ moments and stunning truths in the Q&A:

  • The one quality that souls demonstrate by coming to this plane of existence.
  • Julius’ deep, thought-provoking definitions of humility and arrogance.
  • The big difference between wisdom and intelligence.
  • How humility aids in non-judgment of self.
  • The different intentions behind arrogance and confidence – the differentiating factor.
  • The root cause of knee problems explained in depth.
  • A very sound piece of advice on not giving into the altered ego.
  • A crucial perspective on success and failure.
  • Terms to parallel what was earlier called Christ energy and Satan energy.
  • The magic of all that happens when we get out of the altered ego state.
  • The multitudes of souls on earth.
  • The truth about the different ways you gain experience through thought.
  • Are you repeating the same experience?
  • Using courage to access the soul’s creativity.
  • How to overcome a stall when you feel the frustration of being stalled.
  • Two HUGE, really cool revelations about what happens when we pick up thoughts.
  • How we can contribute to raising the consciousness of this realm in a practical way.
  • How the people in the low consciousness seals are helped to move on.
  • The best thing to do when you are down and out, feeling depressed.
  • A truly inspiring story of a student.

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