This class originally sold for $119.  It has been lowered to $79.

Almost all human beings are on an automated system of fear without realizing it and knowing how to release it. This is a ‘tough love’ course for those who really desire to eliminate ALL fear from their lives. You will learn how to release its strong hold through powerful practices and applications in your day-to-day life. And these will initiate and propel your immediate movement away from fear into love.

This teaching is a must for all those who are looking for more – happiness, peace, fulfilment and finally the release of fear. The movement away from fear begins NOW:

  • The true and extensive impact of fear.
  • The origin of fear.
  • The hugely significant, hidden reason for fear, pain and suffering – ‘the reward of rewards’.
  • The difference in impact between instinct and the mind’s fear.
  • The fascinating truth about the cruise control in your brain.
  • The first step to creating change in your life.
  • Valuable suggestions to prepare yourself for the shift from fear.
  • Crucial information on food, the unknown and detrimental side effects.
  • Detailed practical guidance for your day and night in a 30-day program.
  • How to convert fear into love – your cosmic hazmat suit.
  • Guidance and applications for dealing with significant contributory factors to fear in your life.

And more extremely helpful guidance on various fear-related subjects:

  • How to release fear-based energies related to survival instincts.
  • The magnificent state of hope.
  • The fabulous practice of Pranayama.
  • Releasing fear from your DNA.
  • Deeper insight into the strong fears embedded in childhood.
  • The intuitiveness of light beings versus second seal intuitiveness.
  • The truth about various foods.
  • The difference in experience between sixth seal consciousness beings and lower seals of consciousness.
  • Aging and food.
  • Getting away from the fear of the unknown.
  • The most powerful thing to do when faced with any fear.
  • The fear and love aspect of conspiracies.
  • Basic yet very important nutritional guidelines.

You can let the concept of conspiracy eat you up or you can take some of the information within a conspiracy, utilize it and move forward. Low consciousness is thought that still has a lot of fear attached to it and high consciousness is thought that doesn’t have fear attached to it. The truth is that all of our teachings wrapped around consciousness are also teachings wrapped around fear and letting go of fear.