This incredible program offers one of the most advanced and profound teachings of Julius.

This course takes your focus deep into the rabbit hole of being Source.

With pristine focus and concentration, we get you away from your pre-programmed state of insecurity, lack, pain & suffering, and disconnection. Julius provides a dialogue to help you reset your subconscious mind to accept BEING Source.

Julius uses the limited tool of language, and their unlimited energy, to convey to students not only what the Void is, but how to experience and be the Void.

It is an electrifying, life-changing teaching and experience like no other. It may well be a teaching ahead of the times. It is for all who wish to know themselves as who they really are – Source.

You may find this application challenging to master. However, Julius feels that through desire, curiosity and allowance, you can find yourself in the state of awareness of being Source.

If you feel your life is ready for this truly stupendous shift, join us for this experience and you will never look back!

Welcome to knowing yourself as Source.

Module 1: The Baseball Game.

This is an incredible personal experience of Kasey and Brad, when Julius guided them through the process of changing the outcome of a children’s baseball game.

The state that they were in during that game is the state that Julius will be initiating you into.  It was a powerful, magical and forceful demonstration of being in the Void and manifesting an outcome that was contrary to all expectations.

Very few who were present that day will be able to forget what they were unable to fathom.

This recording is being made available to all students, irrespective of whether they purchase the class or not. Click here to listen:

What Kasey’s brother had to say about the baseball story:

“I just finished listening to this piece about the baseball game. I have to tell you, as unbelievable as it sounds, every single detail is the absolute truth J !!! As they both mention, I still talk about the incident to this day, over 5 years later. It was truly amazing to be a part of such a wonderful thing, especially because it had to do with children who are very open to new ideas and unprejudiced in their view about things.” – Mark Speer (Kasey’s brother).

Module 2: Entering into the Void – Description.

You have to not rely on the words that we’re giving you but instead use them as a springboard to get yourself ahead of the words.” ~ Julius

Julius puts into words what many have found difficult to convey – a description of the Void. You are also told how to best prepare for the actual experience of the Void, including certain changes in diet for a couple of days before doing the main meditation.

This recording is also being made available to all students, irrespective of whether you purchase this class or not. Click here to listen:

(Note: This was recorded on a long drive so please excuse the background noise).

Module 3: Entering into the Void – a Dialogue.

This is a suspended state, like when you are sitting inside joy, so thinking for a moment about any type of totally euphoric moment for yourself…” ~ Julius

“…it is an extraordinarily advanced state of total knowing of isness without having to go through a process of connection.” ~ Julius

In this conversation with Brad, Julius goes further into the description of the Void and the hypnotheric state.  It provides guidance on the best way for students to derive the maximum benefit from this program.

Julius demystifies the concept of the Void, gives practical guidance in preparation for the experience, and extends inspiration and encouragement as only Julius can.

Module 4 – Preparatory Meditation.

It is recommended that you practice this meditation a few times or as many times as you want before you experience entering the Void in the next module. It is a meditation to prepare you for entering the Void.  It will get you back into the beingness of a light being from Source. It is a meditation that is to be done just prior to the main meditation, and even on the evening before you actually do the main meditation.

Module 5: Entering into the Void.

There are no words to describe this hour-long meditation. Julius guides you through every incredible moment of it into the Void and you experience yourself as what you really are – It is the state of the 7th seal of consciousness.

Taking you energetically into the Void, the powerful commentary by Julius helps you reset your subconscious mind to accept BEING Source.

Module 6: The Active Meditative State of the Void.

This goes into the knowing that you are Source, and into manifesting and creating your life from this knowing. Julius explains how to focus on being in the Void amidst the distraction of everything going on around you.

Practitioners can use this teaching to great effect while working with their clients.

This module includes the following points:

  • What expectation is and how it can get in your way.
  • Practical applications in your life.
  • Understanding what it is like to live from this state of the Void.

Module 7: Q & A.

Apart from covering the various topics listed below, there are a number of discussions on the experiences of students while doing the meditation, which will be helpful to all who take this program.

  • About hope and expectation.
  • About the variety of emotions during the meditation.
  • About the concept of inclusion.
  • About the blue body and the Void.
  • Financial abundance and the Void.
  • Resolving health problems.
  • How to create easily, and without drama.
  • Discussion of various experiences during the meditation.
  • What is it like as an illuminated being?
  • Definition of the matrix according to Julius.
  • About forms of abundance.

Please note that this will be a very intense course in terms of energy. You may feel light-headed or disconnected initially while using the application.

“So that’s the Void. It’s not Void of everything, its Void of all things materially but it is the energy of all things potentially, so that’s the pure energy force, the closest thing that you can find to a description of what God is or what Source is.” ~ Julius

Foundation Courses:

These courses sit at the foundation of most of all the Julius teachings and also the human experience of life.