This is a most important teaching for creating harmony and peace in a family, community, country and the world.

It brings to you an understanding of what is going on in the human experience.

As you absorb all the vital components of this teaching, you gain a most broadminded perspective, which leads to healing, beneficial changes, understanding, inspiration and compassion.

Acting on this understanding alleviates situations of conflict or disagreement at the personal level, with loved ones or friends.

But more than that and a very important part of this teaching is that it helps you stay centered in your state of calm, peace and understanding, which also has an amazing impact on others.

Julius elaborates on:

  • The importance of walking consciously, what happens when you don’t.
  • About non-judgment and compassion towards others.
  • How you stay centered amidst distraction.
  • What perspective is and what it is a vital component for.
  • Detailed explanation of how to move from disease to health.
  • What embodiment and vibration are you being? A crucial insight.
  • Further understanding of how you attract people, events, situations etc. in your life.
  • Breaking the cycle of reincarnation.
  • A technique for creating your own reality.

Additional gems:

  • What happens with the last thoughts before you die.
  • How to let go of trauma.
  • From victimhood to self-empowerment.
  • Explanation of ego and altered ego.
  • About Forgiveness of self and responsibility of your self.
  • About controlling people.
  • A glimpse into what happens between lives.
  • The difference between hearing the truth and acting on it.
  • What happens when you die.
  • From mass murder to selfless service.
  • Crime and punishment – where does resolution lie?
  • A game to decipher the impact of inorganic frequency on people.
  • A helpful practice to create a wonderful day.

The illusion that most perceive as reality, what is real for them in this life, is created by one’s individual thought process.” ~ Julius

Foundation Workshops:

These courses sit at the foundation of most of all the Julius teachings and also the human experience of life.

Supporting Workshops:

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