Do Things Really Matter?



This course originally sold for $89. It has been reduced to $39.

In this teaching, Julius explains how the things that truly matter to you manifest into a tangible experience by becoming matter or what is real to you.

What matters to you decides what you manifest.

You may not agree when you first hear this. You may think, ‘Oh no, what matters to me is financial abundance or vibrant health or a loving relationship, yet I don’t have it”.

Find out how you really manifest everything in your life and why you often do not get what you desire.  Gaining a deeper insight into this very fundamental aspect of yourself may very well be the crucial key to resolving issues that are plaguing you.

It is a teaching that will matter to you when you start manifesting your heart’s desires.

Julius explains:

  • How we are influenced and inspired by others.
  • The factor that binds us.
  • About manifestation and fear and love.
  • What the the altered does.
  • What to do if you feel you cannot have the things you want.
  • About what matters to others.

Learn more about:

  • More about consciousness.
  • A touching story of the little boy who passed on.
  • Factors determining the time taken for manifestation.
  • The difference between religion and spirituality.
  • About moving away from a family history of disease.
  • The altered ego in detail.
  • What fear is.
  • About the survivors of a plague.

Everything in your life shows you exactly what matters to you. That is an indication of where you are in knowing yourself as Source. It’s your compass, it’s your gauge, it’s your map.” ~ Julius


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