2 part class 
Discomfort or Reassurance
This important and frequently necessary teaching helps with a common issue encountered by many on their conscious journey – that of discomfort. It is given to aid us in our moments of self-doubt and uncertainty, when we don’t trust ourselves anymore. Julius explains exactly why we experience discomfort and the resulting clarity brings the reassurance. It is a teaching that goes a long way in helping us move more joyfully through our process and life.
The altered ego plays such a huge role in our daily lives and choices, it can be challenging to know which direction to go based on our thoughts.
This course calms and reassures us about the choices we make.
Julius tells us to go with our emotions, but how do we know if our emotions are from the altered ego or the soul?
Eliminating confusion, disruption, stagnation, and inability to make a decision catapults us on our inward journey.  This teaching provides peace, and the integrated empowerment of being Source.

In the lecture, Julius gives guidance on many concepts that have us going around in circles:

  • The immense inner struggle with the altered ego.
  • The first and second consciousness seals and why discomfort occurs.
  • The perfect analogy of a fish in a fishbowl.
  • The times when you grow and expand slowly.
  • A fabulous definition of spirituality.
  • The paths you follow and when you leave them.
  • All that God is.
  • Where reassurance comes from.
  • The different types of discomfort.
  • The classic copout of human beings.
  • How you can best serve a person who is dying.
  • The secret magic of discomfort on your journey.
  • The unknown tremendous gift that marriage or a partnership can offer.
  • One of the most important truths that evokes great resistance.
  • When you can get sidetracked on your journey and how to avoid it.

Julius gives more deep information on the following:

  • The connections between the altered ego mind, control and limitations.
  • Is self-doubt necessary on your way to growth?
  • The 3 realizations that help a person overcome fear.
  • Handling the fear of leaving loved ones behind.
  • What is staying centered amidst distraction and how you do it.
  • A perfect analogy provided by a high frequency element like water.
  • The key component that leads to discomfort.
  • How to balance service to others with your own progressive movement.
  • Comfort and discomfort in the altered ego.
  • The shifting forms of discomfort and what you can do.
  • Ascended masters and their interactions with us.
  • What expands us on our journey on this physical plane.
  • The unique aspect of relationships between partners as well as parent and child.
  • Wisdom and education from experience.
  • Finding balance in the hammock.