For those interested in the beautiful energy, power and consciousness of crystals and vortices, this 2-part teaching is a treasure trove of information not known to many.

This is a very in-depth teaching with unique insights and guidance on how to interact with them as well as the enormous help they can give us.

You will come to know of several applications for all sorts of situations or places. This course is in brief, fascinating and very helpful information for you, and for practitioners.

Julius’ fascinating information on the magic of vortices, and the possibilities that exist in them will be an eye-opener for many.

Some of the fascinating information:

  • Learn the literally illuminating truth about the origin and creation of crystals on earth.
  • What is the most effective way to align yourself with the crystals.
  • The staggering, unbelievable amount of information held in crystals.
  • Detailed information for you and practitioners on healing with various crystals, including applications.
  • About having crystals in your home.
  • About storing crystals.
  • Why crystals have so many facets.
  • Various types of vortices, and how you might just stumble across one.

More gems of information:

  • How crystals can help in any situation.
  • The most effective way to use crystals in your workplace, room etc.
  • The benefits of crystals in water.
  • The stunning power of a quartz crystals.
  • How to utilise crystals to help raise your consciousness.
  • Benefits of change of places and elevation.
  • A simple, enjoyable practice to magnify your intentions.
  • Do’s and don’ts of wearing crystals.

A crystal is an encapsulated version of you as light, color and movement.” ~ Julius

This class is the original teaching on Crystals. Advanced Crystal Applications is a continuation of this subject.

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