This product consists of 2 videos of the event as well as the downloadable audio version of the event.  Approximately 2.5 hours in length.

We have heard so many people speak of the Void…what is it?
Where is it?   How is it?
Julius will provide information like no other for this powerful topic.  This will be an advanced discussion on a subject that very few truly understand.
If you are new to Julius get ready to be blown away with this experience.  If you have been with us before, we call upon your energy contribution to elevate this energy and information as Source beings.
The Void is the highest and most powerful energy that is… Can we access it and use it?
Can we heal with it?
Can we change and expand it?
This powerful single day course will leave you breathless and expanded.
Please join us.
Julius will be providing an incredible activation at the end of this class to get your into THE VOID.

A few more details about the modules:
Module 1
– Description of the Void
– The important creative process explained
– The main factors of magnificent manifestation
– The unknown reason for lack in your life
– The role of the brain in manifestation
– The difference between high and low frequency
– An amazing, powerful process to experience, absorb and assimilate the energies of the Void
– Are you avoiding the Void?

Module 2
– A powerful practice to clear the filter of trauma and fear within your body
– Ageing beings on a planet
– A beautiful and very interesting way to be in the Void
– A deepening practice to do with another for the Void
– All the things you can do in the Void
– A guaranteed thing and the passcode that takes you straight into the Void
– An amazing mudra for manifestation and meditation
– Experience the Void again with Julius