Creating A New Identity & Changing Destiny

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This class originally sold for $89.  It has been lowered to $59.

This powerful teaching takes us to the next level of expansion as Julius expands our horizons and debunks limiting myths about destiny.

It is a teaching that will help you break age-old patterns of conscious and subconscious thought patterns that severely limit your life and the invaluable guidance will move you into fulfillment and joy.

What if you could change destiny?

What if you could alter the “TIME” that you will leave this realm?..

What if by changing your Current Identity into something far more Accepting, Expansive and AWARE, You Change Destiny?..

What if you had the power to alter what has been set into motion?…

Have You missed Your Opportunity, or not?

Have you given into these notions?..

“Just Accept it”,

“It’s your ‘Lot in Life’”,

“It’s in your Genes”,

“That’s your Religion, or Culture”,

“That’s who We Are”,

“That’s what We Do”.

Think of the possibilities you may be missing if none of this is true…

…Or have you accepted an identity of perceived and expected responsibility?…

The Father? The Daughter? The Mother? The Son? The Carer? The Cared For?..

What have you, or are you, Giving Away?..

“The true empowerment of Souls is the Day of Awakening” ~ Julius

What does this quote mean?..

How do you use this information to Absolutely Transform Your Realities and Experiences?…

Talk about a ‘Game Changer’!..

How could we have been so limited in our thoughts?..

Get ready for the Grandest Adventure of Them All…

…The Adventure of CREATIVITY!

Julius explains some important truths:

  • The most expansive explanation of ‘destiny’.
  • An important concept that relieves a lot of pressure , worry and fear.
  • How the garbage collector will become the brain surgeon.
  • A most illustrative analogy of a flashlight to explain your life expectancy.
  • Our patterned thought processes.
  • Do the different costumes we wear in lifetimes really lead to expansive experiences?
  • Some major factors that lead to our continual disempowerment.
  • The truth about soul families and you.
  • Is there a destiny pre-determined by circumstances of your birth?
  • Poverty provides many types of adventure.
  • How do you get to your continual ongoing expansive state?
  • What is it like to be a light being?
  • A fun game that will bring a smile to you and others.
  • How to change your ‘destiny’.
  • Moving beyond limitation into limitless possibility.

And there’s more to know:

  • How to get out of over-thinking.
  • More advice on manifestation.
  • How to decipher the soul’s desire in choices you have to make.
  • The big indicator of when to move on.
  • How to change genetic thought patterns.
  • More on kundalini energy.
  • The effect of parallel lives.
  • The gifts we sent ourselves.
  • The significance of wanting in the manifestation process.


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