2- Part Course with one lecture and one discussion.

Our conscious path is a path of confusion, discovery, and demonstration. Often times we embark on this journey with enthusiasm and other times fighting against our previous states of mind as well as our daily life practices.
We are often told that our consciousness is isolated in our lives. Applied in certain times, in private, in intimate relationships, in healing. Other aspects of our lives are separate. Our family, our friends, our jobs.
We are also told that consciousness is something we must focus on in isolation and spend only certain amounts of time on it.

Integrating life in its constant nothingness is consciousness state. It is not a bubble…..or perhaps it has been for you.

Julius provides insight on how to integrate, expand and become all about alignment and focus in all existence….not on just occasion.
This teaching assists you in the constant and ever expanding state of your conscious beingness.

In the lecture, Julius elaborates on this important topic:

  • When and how the tendency to compartmentalize life began.
  • The true role of spirituality in life and the world.
  • Why you don’t have a consistent flow of the good things in your life.
  • How you overcome this.
  • The little ways in which you start to infuse your soul’s consciousness into every aspect of life.
  • A perfect example from Brad’s life.
  • A couple of very effective phrases to handle situations with reactive people.
  • The two steps that you can start with in situations of conflict.
  • The signs that you are becoming authentic in the troubled areas of your life.

Julius provides more detailed, interesting and helpful guidance for everyday situations in the Q&A:

  • Practices for infusing high consciousness into everyday situations.
  • The perfect example from the Pink Panther movie.
  • How to be an inspiring business leader.
  • What is meant by spirituality in business.
  • The impact of religion on people.
  • Helping others with their soul perspective especially in matters of money.
  • Some unique ways of handling interactions where others have a different vantage point.
  • Demonstrating authentic change in the face of old perceptions of you.
  • Practices to silence the harsh inner critic.

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