When a loved one departs from this physical plane, we miss their presence, interaction with them and the joy of knowing that they are a part of our lives, irrespective of whether they are near or far in physical distance.

When they leave, there is this empty space that we believe that only they can fill.

This 2-part teaching is a loving message of solace and understanding.

Julius explains to us that we can connect with our loved ones any time that we desire and they are there in the instant that we think of them.

This is a message of connection, communication and joy.

Learn from Julius how it is possible and why the dream time is the best doorway to meeting with loved ones.

Learn about all the possibilities of connection:

  • What happens to your in your dream state.
  • The importance of deep sleep.
  • How to recognizing the other soul without a body.
  • How best to recognize the energy of the loved one.
  • A deeper connection with some souls other than your family members.
  • Detailed guidance on how to connect with loved ones through dreams.
  • About expectations and bringing the experience closer.
  • A note you can write at night before sleeping.
  • Many helpful practices to help the process of connecting.
  • How the symbolism in dreams helps you with your day-to-day life.
  • About mourning and the process of connecting.
  • The desire of the departed soul.

With more information on:

  • Why we only remember part of our dreams.
  • Visiting your other selves in dreams.
  • The perception of other people in your dream.
  • Sending messages to loved ones in the dream state.
  • Unfinished business with spouses.
  • About pets, souls and groups.
  • About people dying in your dreams.
  • An insight in how consciousness leaves and re-enters the body.
  • Why do we have recurring dreams?
  • Unresolved issues with people, and related dreams.

You can readily connect with a loved one the day that they leave just as much as you could a hundred counted physical years later through a dream state and anything in between. It is nothing more than an opportunity of the Now.” ~ Julius

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