This 2-part teaching is a healing in itself. As understanding of the underlying issues of blocked chakras is gained, the path to releasing this blocked energy is clear.

In the clear, concise explanations of the root causes of problems in the arm chakras, the area from the shoulders to the fingertips, Julius gives us the power to heal ourselves.

As always, such teachings are a valuable aid to practitioners in their healing work.

As you are guided through the clearing application, feel Julius’ energy lovingly working with you to help you clear your chakras.

As a special bonus, experience another energy transmission to bring you into alignment with your soul as well as a gentle yet powerful meditation at the start of class.

Julius gives you:

  • An explanation of the specific issues related to the arm chakras.
  • Greater insight into gout, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, rheumatoid arthritis etc.
  • An interesting issue of pain in the shoulders.
  • What pain is.
  • Exactly why past experiences have a strong effect.
  • Differing energies of issues on the right and left side of the body.
  • Obligation, responsibility and control.
  • Are injuries accidental?
  • A “delightful and energetic” clearing application.

And there’s more:

  • A story to illustrate inner sight.
  • Why time was created.
  • Changing DNA and genetic patterns in families.
  • An analogy for self-empowerment.
  • What numbness in the body signifies.
  • The truth about white lies.
  • Important guidance on the practice of a healer.
  • The difference between sympathy and compassion.
  • An analogy of the matchstick for the moment of Now, and what you are.
  • Interesting information on strokes.
  • What is Living in the Now?
  • About arthritis in the hands.
  • About stigmata in hands.
  • What non-judgment of emotions does.

So when you process thought from a fear-based perspective, these things are felt emotionally in your physical embodiment and they embed themselves in points on your physical embodiment. That’s what chakras are, masters……” ~ Julius.