This 3-part teaching is of prime importance to nearly every human being, as is evidenced by the number of problems that show up in the lower limbs at a later stage in life.

This is because the issues related to these lower chakras are ‘foundational issues’ as Julius calls them.

These are issues that have arisen in childhood or youth and if they are not cleared, their imprint influences every aspect of our lives.

It is crucial to resolve these issues in order to move forward in life with confidence and inner strength.

It is not just disease or pain that is calling your attention to these issues, but even injuries such as the stubbing of a toe, or a sprained ankle are warning bells that some issue needs to be cleared.

Benefit is also derived from the distinctive and detailed information given by Julius on the colors, issues related to each chakra, and an application – Allow it to lead you into better health, peace and assuredness.

Julius guides us to understanding and resolution:

  • Important missing information on grounding and survival.
  • Special insight into the energy play of wheelchair-bound or bedridden people.
  • The specific issues of each of the 4 chakras on the left side.
  • Male and female energy from the perspective of soul energy.
  • A powerful healing application for clearing the lower left chakras.

More important information:

  • The actors of the soul group in the drama going on.
  • A very short clearing practice to use in all situations.
  • About the time span between origin of the issue, to its manifestation in the body.
  • What adopted children are.
  • About “hitting” at an experience from all angles.
  • About the ability to release genetic patterns.
  • What every experience does to you.
  • The way out of repetitive events.
  • About judgment.
  • Using an application on animals.
  • A most interesting connection between breath and blood clots, varicose veins.
  • A simple and beneficial breathing practice.

And childhood issues and youth issues are the points that are in alignment with your lower chakras.” ~ Julius

Foundation Workshops: