This teaching focuses on an essential component of our conscious journey. To know about, understand, interact with circumstantial beings is to know a further component of ourselves as Source. As Julius says in the teaching, ignoring them is like cutting off our arm and trying to climb the flagpole. As you absorb this teaching, you will feel an expansion of your being and delight in what has unfolded before you to take you further into a fascinating exploration of yourself and all that exists.

What if you could tap into the power of the energy frequency beings around you? Collaborating with other souls that perhaps you cannot see but know that they are there can help lead you to a broader perspective, which is necessary to expand your consciousness. Come with us as we enter the field of circumstantial beings – their magic, their power, their possibility and their intent to help us on our journey.

In the lecture, Julius gave fascinating, heartwarming and enlightening information:

  • Julius’ definition of sentient beings.
  • The astonishing truth of beings who use this earth as a platform of existence.
  • The benefits of recognizing circumstantial beings.
  • How our light grows towards enlightenment.
  • What circumstantial beings do for you on your conscious journey.
  • How they help human beings on a global level.
  • The issue of interference and free will in this context.
  • How we can reciprocate their help.
  • How the cosmic tumblers fall into place.
  • A fabulous exercise for the day.
  • What is necessary for communication with these beings.
  • How to add rocket fuel to your manifestation process.
  • What brings greater satisfaction to those who have achieved mastery over something.
  • The truth about coincidence.
  • Why knowing about all of this is so important for our conscious journey.

Julius gives deeper insights and guidance on these amazing beings in the Q&A:

  • What happens to our eyes as we raise our consciousness.
  • The one element that exists in all planets, galaxies, omniverses, creation.
  • What circumstantial beings of 5th and 6th dimensions are like.
  • The phenomenal observer effect in this context.
  • How circumstantial beings arrange astonishing circumstances, meetings, events.
  • What do thoughts travel on?
  • Why nuclear destruction is so far-reaching.
  • The impact of ignorance on our particular earth.
  • The consciousness seals of circumstantial beings and how they help us in our consciousness.
  • Intriguing information on the 7 layers of earth.
  • The areas where circumstantial beings live in abundance.
  • Information on wormholes and black holes.
  • The difference between money and wealth.
  • The most important thing to do with new thought.
  • How to honor these beings.

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