This is a 2 part class with one teaching and one discussion.

In this 2 part discussion, we go deep into the topic of how these three energy topics tie into each other.
Julius provides insight for your energy clearing practices and helps clarify deep understandings of how these energies work to allow us to raise our frequencies and vibrations.
The energy frequency fields inside of the embodiment are vital on your conscious journey.
If you are a practitioner, this course helps you understand how to use this information in your work.
For those on a Conscious journey, you learn more about these energies than we are sure you are currently aware of.
With the global energy shifts, it is wise to get a handle on your own energy.

In the discussion, Julius opens up a whole new world on these amazing aspects of our being:
– A deep explanation of the primary chakras
– The amazing gridding system of the body
– The bodily suits we wear as a human being
– A clear explanation of what kundalini energy is
– Signs of kundalini rising
– When does kundalini start rising
– The absolutely fascinating effect kundalini energy has on your chakras
– A deep insight into the beautiful process of how the soul enters a foetus or embryo
– How we activate or do not activate kundalini energy
– The huge benefits of the rising kundalini energy
– What the process of authentic ascension is
– Clear markers of a very high consciousness being
– Three clear, powerful practices to raise your kundalini energy

Deeper, fascinating information in the Q&A on what has already been revealed:
– Julius’ take on the kundalini psychosis
– Ayahuasca, adrenaline and kundalini energy
– More on chakras, grids of the body and kundalini energy
– What the kundalini holds access to
– Deeper information about root chakras and grounding
– The many reasons for refusing to be self-aware
– The connection of the chakras to your physical and etheric senses
– Deeper insights into aura, gridding of the body and chakras
– Energy fields of other sentient beings
– Orgasms and energetic intercourse
– What happens to these energy fields in high consciousness?
– How to keep to the knowing that you are God
– What acts against the clearing action of the kundalini
– The effect of kundalini on your DNA
– How to sustain kundalini energy at certain levels
– Understanding the change in emotions and dimensional experiences

Supporting Workshops:

Foundation Workshops:

These courses sit at the foundation of most of all the Julius teachings and also the human experience of life.

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