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The importance of this 2-part teaching cannot be emphasized enough.

In the Seven Seals of Consciousness, Bridge Consciousness is the 4th seal. It is the bridge or the gateway between the lower 3 seals, which are fear-based and the upper 3 seals, which are love-based.

The key component to resolving all issues in your life is judgment. It is the all-important component of Bridge Consciousness.

As you cross this phase of consciousness, you transcend from fear to joy, from thinking you are a human being to knowing that you are a light being, from lack of any kind to abundance in everything, from reaction to creation, from dissatisfaction to fulfillment.

Yet you cannot cross the bridge if you do not know the vast implications and ramifications of judgment. When you become aware of them, you can actively work on eliminating judgment from your life to reach true joy and bliss. This is where this invaluable teaching seeks to help you.

Julius explains:

  • The pot of gold on the other side of the bridge.
  • The astonishing truth of routine and judgment.
  • The wonder and energy of chaos.
  • About physical beings to light beings.
  • The end of lack and limitations.
  • What it is that your body is and what it holds about you.
  • What your body is your compass for.
  • The most important thing you judge – the basis of all judgment.
  • The emotion of joy and its effects on your life.
  • The best way to journey through bridge consciousness.
  • A powerful meditation for bridge consciousness.
  • What your limited life is reflecting.

More valuable guidance:

  • Where is God.
  • An example of the principle of all-allowing.
  • The effect of judgment.
  • About good and bad emotions.
  • Judgment and expectation.
  • What is discipline.
  • What initiates the resolution of all issues.
  • When and the state when you moving on.
  • What anger points you to.
  • Sleep and its incredible impact on you and your life.

…..We find that the most difficult for humans to get over, literally, is bridge consciousness, bridge consciousness. It is the fourth seal of consciousness, which of course, sits dead center of the seven and it is the one that transitions you from physical into light, from physical into light. And it is the one that keeps humans locked.” ~ Julius


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