Born into a world that knows mostly limitation, we realize that if we seek to be more, have more and do more that is fulfilling and life-enhancing, we have to learn to spread our wings. The movement forward into the unfettered freedom of being all that we wish to be is really
the incredibly beautiful flow into fulfillment and joy. Without it, we are unhappy. With it, we are on track to peace, joy and fulfilment – the three attributes or rather states of being that teach of us unceasingly and unconsciously seek.
These teachings from Julius will help heal you, dissolve your limitations and bring you back to your knowing of being a self-empowered, loving, compassionate being. How you choose to express that will always lead you into a life well-lived.

We are encoded with limitations through lifetime after lifetime of living in limitation and fear. Repetitive experiences compound this state of being till it seems to be an almost natural condition for the human race. Yet we are light beings who have forgotten our origins and the
unique powers, talents and gifts that are inherent in us. This teaching from Julius helps us break free from these subconscious codes of limitation and access the potential that we all carry within us.

Breaking free from old constraints through knowing:

• What will continue to keep you embedded in limitations.
• The efficient and effective way to clear all limitations.
• How to know when love, your heart, your soul is the driving force.
• How to use your soul group to shift into higher consciousness.
• Supportive practices for clearing limitations.

The world is changing, perhaps even more rapidly than we are ready for. Our lives will also change, whether we want them to or not. What do we do when the even the things that are working in our life change. This extraordinary teaching soothes the fear, sets the tracks for smooth transition and desirable changes.

You discover:

• How your own resistance lends to the chaos in change.
• Various unconscious forms of resistance within you that compound the problem.
• How to move past all these points of resistance.
• Explicit guidance on avoiding resistance and going with the flow.
• A wonderful practice for people who worry, are depressed or discouraged by change.

Julius calls this a ‘seed’ teaching. As an eternally relevant, critical one on how to find  happiness when times are hard and difficult situations are at hand. You learn the art of staying happy that will sustain and support you when you need it most. Even when things are flowing smoothly, happiness seems to be elusive sometimes. Staying happy is an invaluable strength and a blessing for you and your loved ones as you journey through life.

Julius gives high inspiration and clarity on this art:

• How to stay happy in difficult situations.
• How to utilize opportunities to gain expansion in life.
• The one thing you have total control over in life.
• Important wisdom to pass on to your children
• The big secret about happiness.
• Interesting insights into male and female energy.

We can change our destiny by creating a new inner identity for ourselves. The identity we have now was created for us by others, by societal norms and role-playing stereotypes that knocked out much of our enthusiasm, powerful energy, special gifts and desires. When we
change our current identity into something far more accepting, expansive and aware, we can change what has been set in motion by the accepted thoughts of the earlier identity. We no longer miss opportunities, we create them and live life from the platform of love, peace and

Get ready for this adventure of desired creation by:

• Recognizing our patterned thought processes.
• Becoming aware and removing major factors that lead to our
continual disempowerment.
• Knowing whether there is a destiny predetermined for us by
circumstances of birth.
• Learning the truth about soul families and us.
• Learning how to change our destiny.

This advanced teaching is an important continuation on the earlier teaching of creating a new identity. In life, we automatically get to play certain roles that determine our position in the playing field of life. As we seek to be more, these very roles can become restrictive and lead
to stagnation as well as unhappiness. How you can be authentic and ever expansive while doing all that you wish to do is the core essence of this teaching.

Julius guarantees that you will see yourself differently after this teaching – expanded, transformed and fulfilled!


Become the star player in your own playing field of life by discovering:

• The massive distraction in the soul’s expression and knowing of itself.
• How to change your experience of the game.
• Step-by-step guidance and daily practices to release a most
binding emotional state that stands in the way.
• How to move powerfully into individuality and authenticity.
• And lastly how to integrate this expansion of self with life on earth,
leading to its mastery.

Be free. Be love. Be joy. And be the inspiration to all!