This is a 3 part workshop with two teachings and one discussion.

This will be a masterclass on awareness.
Are you a healer or are you having healers work on you for healing?  If so, this is a MUST class for you.
Julius will help you to identify the energy behind your healing work, or the energy behind the healer you’re working with.
This class may trigger defense energies in you.  Just know that if it does, it means something needs to be looked at. This class is not about judgement but truth. Awareness can make all the difference in your experiences.
In the first two modules, Julius reveals deep, eye-opening information on this subject:
  • Clear definitions of what is meant by the unawakened and the awakened healer
  • Detailed characteristics and life of an unawakened healer
  • Detailed characteristics and life of an awakened healer
  • Use and misuse of tools in healing
  • A cautionary note about hallucinogenic drugs or plants
  • The first deciphering clues of an awakened healer
  • How to know that you may be a healer
  • Why awakened healers fall sick sometimes
  • Fascinating information about changing energy in a room
  • Some of the interesting things that happen to awakened healers
  • Physical issues that beset healers
  • Insights into jumping timelines, especially in current times
  • Important truth about the choice to be a healer or not

Julius provides more fascinating information in the Q&A:

  • Distance versus in-person healings
  • Very interesting information on master healers working with dark and light energies
  • Warriors into healers – why and how
  • The reason behind tired eyes after being in a gathering, hospital visit etc.
  • Colds, flu etc. in awakened healers
  • Insights into faith healing, healing by sixth level consciousness beings
  • How you may be a healer, yet may not know it
  • The sensitive topic of honorable energy exchange
  • On transcending issues
  • The extraordinary effects of sound frequencies
  • Healing of the earth
  • Is healing based on belief?
  • What to do in times of traumatic injury
  • The healing power of mammals

Foundation Workshops:

These courses sit at the foundation of most of all the Julius teachings and also the human experience of life.

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