In these times of turbulent change on the world stage and even in our own lives, it is never more evident that change is the only constant in life. This very essential and lovingly compassionate teaching from Julius guides us to let go of the resistance we all feel as we fear events or changes spinning out of our control. And it may be our own resistant energy that is creating these rifts….creating the illusion of chaos.
One important cornerstone of this teaching is the various forms of resistance you may have, which you are not even aware of, but they are compounding the problem. Then Julius offers practical solutions so we may always have fulfilling change, instead of devastating change. And in doing so, we open up to all positive possibilities of expansion.
Most of us cringe at the thought of change in the things in our lives that are working.
If everything is going so well, why does it have to change?  Why can’t we hold the energy still? Why can’t we make things stay the same? And what about the things that go badly? Why did they do that?  Where did I go wrong in my manifestation?
This great teaching by Julius helps you address one of the basic human difficulties and switch the position of your mind. All resistance is Fear. Eliminate some of the ongoing subconscious fears in your life.  And you will find relief and release from resistance leading to a lightness of being and an assured step into every change.

In the lecture, Julius brings many points of resistance to your awareness and shows you how to overcome them:

  • A most interesting aspect of resistance to change.
  • The huge wall of resistance when you do this.
  • The different forms of the energy of resistance.
  • The world of ‘doers’ as opposed to that of the ‘don’ters’.
  • What happens in the process of manifestation when you start raising your consciousness.
  • The highly illustrative analogy of kayaking.
  • Explicit guidance on how to avoid resistance in your life.
  • Why you feel challenges in your manifestation.
  • The play of the altered ego in creating what you want in your life.
  • The role the soul plays in your manifestation process.
  • A most important concept to be aware of and act on in manifestation.
  • When the shit hits the fan and how to prevent it.
  • A vital question: How much change do you want in your life?
  • The important realization that helps you tremendously.
  • An example of what happens when you resist change.
  • The other side of change when there is resistance.
  • One-word accurate descriptions of resistance and flow to help you decipher where you are.
  • A great practice for people who fall easily into depression, discouragement or worrying.
  • A fabulous analogy to depict staying centered amidst distraction.
  • When do you know you no longer have resistance?
  • How to know when you are going with the flow.

Julius takes the discussion to yet another hugely expansive level in the Q&A:

  •  How to cope with things not working out in your life.
  • How to move beyond fear-based pros and cons in decision-making.
  • How to get over ‘once bitten, twice shy’ block.
  • Why high consciousness beings attract opposition.
  • The inspirational insight into how masters move beyond torture and imprisonment.
  • Helpful guidance on meditation.
  • A very simple but profound meditation.
  • What causes the internal frustration.
  • A profound insight into the value of resistance.
  • The differing process through which human beings expand in the lower seals versus the higher seals.
  • The appreciation of experiences as a man or woman that we ignore.
  • When love is served, especially in a strained parent-child relationship.
  • Clarity on preferences and judgment.
  • A couple of wonderful practices if you are caught in a fear-based flow.

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