This is a 3-Module Package…

Module 1

Reconfiguring, Reshuffling DNA, Emotional and Physical Healing

This module gives you a clear-cut explanation and visual of how and why we get caught up in the illusion of this physical realm and how it lends to the aging process. It goes into detail about the impact of the realm on us and our bodies and gives wonderful insight on what can be done to reverse this impact.
Length: 53 minutes 41 seconds
Module 2
Why We Die
This teaching focuses on you and the power within you to halt the decaying process of the body and keep it continually rejuvenated. These insights help you recreate your body as that amazing vehicle of vibrant health that carries you through life in the physical without the pain, suffering and distraction of ill-health. More than that, it bestows the gift of youthfulness to you.
Length: 52 minutes 57 seconds
Module 3
This module contains a very powerful meditation that has brought about many youthful changes in those who have practised it. It is an energy process par excellence. You will also discover the other vital factors that greatly expedite the rejuvenation process. Last but not least, you will learn how to access and maintain the fountain of youth.
Length: 54 minutes 24 seconds