Note: This course is suitable both for healing practitioners, and also for healing yourself, or your loved ones.

Important: In order to understand and receive the maximum benefit from this Advanced Healing program, we strongly recommend that you have a good understanding of the following courses: The Consciousness Seals7 Frequency BandsLiving in the Now, and How Broad is Your Acceptance? (Click here for the special package offer on these 4 courses)

If you are a practitioner of energy healing, this information will take your skills to the next level. Aid yourself, your clients, friends and family to move beyond pain and physical limitation by addressing and working on all four components needed for complete and lasting healing – mind, body, spirit and soul.

This course is designed to expand your understanding of why and how you (or your client) have become unwell. You will gain an advanced ability to rejuvenate and heal yourself and others. And as you implement these teachings, you will be amazed to discover that they help in raising your consciousness and frequency.

This course is for:

  • Established Healing Practitioners.
  • Anyone exploring the possibility of becoming a Practitioner.
  • Individuals desiring to take responsibility for their own well-being and help their loved ones.

This 8-part audio course will give you in-depth guidance and powerful, comprehensive applications for all 4 vital components for complete healing:

  • Mind.
  • Body.
  • Spirit.
  • Soul.

As you understand the significance and the integral role played by these 4 components, you will realise that healing will not be thorough, complete and lasting without healing of all 4 aspects of a person.  The person will simply move from one condition, ailment or disease to another.

Each 2-part module covers the Creation, Expansion and Healing of the component along with visualizations, mantras, applications and practices that you can use to facilitate healing in that area.

These healing applications can also be used with animals, infants and people who are incapacitated (such as in a coma).

Open Your Mind, Body, Soul, and Spirit and Become One with All That Is in its Purest Form:

Within this program you will be guided to develop your own applications for energy work. Our desire is to help YOU pinpoint and refine YOUR own healing process. This is going to take effort on your part.

We want you to be enthusiastic in knowing that this work is refining and expanding you. This program will aid you in your sensitivity to others.

As you work through this teaching and start using these applications to enhance the modalities that you use, you will become very advanced in your ability to detect what is going on with your client and to help them regain balance and well-being.

Because it is initiating a new mindset and perspective for you, you are going to be energetically stimulated. You’re going to notice YOUR own frequency changing.

We encourage and hopefully inspire you to continue your journey of conscious awareness expansion. For your expansion expands the All.

The first part of each module gives you a deep understanding of the component, plus how and why it requires healing. The second part of each of the modules has ONE hour of absolutely unique, powerful, advanced applications for healing.

Modules 1 & 2: The Mind

In this 2-part module on the mind, you are introduced to the program and you learn why all 4 components – Mind, Body, Spirit and Soul – are necessary for complete healing.

 This important information includes:

  • Why healing begins with the mind.
  • The difference between the medical field and healing practices.
  • How a gene can be activated or deactivated.
  • What your first consultation with a client needs to begin with.
  • Where your mindset as the practitioner needs to be coming from.
  • Applications to expand and heal the mind.
  • Amazing insights into trauma
  • The drawbacks of standard counseling
  • All the things we build our identity from
  • The impact of past and future on you
  • Activating and deactivating genes
  • The difference between DNA and gene patterns in connection with thought
  • The two components of creating your reality
  • The first thing to do with a client or yourself before healing
  • Fabulous guidelines on healing processes
  • The transformation in you as you heal
  • A powerful energy process to do for the client before the end of session

Modules 3 & 4: BODY

This second 2-part module contains in-depth information and healing applications for the physical body.

You will come to know about:

  • How the physical body is created.
  • Practical applications for expanding and healing the body.
  • Practicing these applications on family members and friends.
  • What you need to explain to the client about the healing process.
  • Healing at the blueprint level – even prior to DNA and genetic changes.
  • The fascinating energetic process through which the physical body takes form
  • Beginning healing at the launchpad of the body
  • The powerful blue body application
  • How to empower your client during the session
  • How to help your client through the next steps to recovery
  • How to close the session
  • What to do when the session ends

Modules 5 & 6: SPIRIT

This third 2-part module is incredible information about what spirit is and the launching of spirit.

Learn more about this component:

  • How to hold Spirit in the Now.
  • How to create the launchpad for newness and healing.
  • Why your client should not fall asleep during the healing session.
  • Understanding how and where depression usually sets in.
  • Why people feel disconnected.
  • A meditation you can use to close each session with the client.
  • Recommendations to you as a practitioner to bring your Spirit into alignment and strengthen it.
  • A visualization you can use with someone who suffers from nightmares.
  • A detailed explanation of what spirit is
  • What a weak spirit signifies
  • Setting the stage for rejuvenation and renewal of the spirit
  • What damages the spirit of a person
  • Another vital indication in a person that the spirit needs healing
  • The missing link in detachment
  • A major problem that may come up in healing the spirit
  • A beautiful practice to end the session

Modules 7 & 8: SOUL

This final 2-part module is about expanding and healing the soul – the very important and neglected component.

Julius explains:

  • A clear explanation of the soul
  • About the soul in relation to the body
  • What the soul desires
  • What the soul does
  • How to know if you are aligned or misaligned with the soul
  • How the constriction and binding of their soul begins
  • An important differentiation to be made in emotions
  • The space in which problems are resolved
  • How to be aligned with your soul and your purpose
  • What ignoring your soul leads to
  • Julius’ definition of success

“We will guide you through this process with love and encouragement and at the end of this teaching, so shall you be transformed. And with your transformation and your higher frequency arrival, so shall you influence all possibility in all that you touch.” ~ Julius


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